Lexus GX can tackle high country drives


The Lexus GX is a larger all-wheel drive SUV that is built on the same platform as the Toyota/4runner.  The power train is driven by a powerful 4.0L /V8 engine that can move the SUV to 60 mph in 7 seconds. Track speed is clocked at 110 mph, and fuel economy for the vehicle is rated at 17 mpg.

The captain chairs are spacious, the interior is plush with “Gray Sapele” wooden and aluminum trim, and the front and rear seats are heated and ventilated.  A third row has tilt and fold down compact seating.

Opening the rear cargo compartment was a mystery finding no power button to open the rear trunk.  After some due diligence the cargo door swings opens from a left panel pull, rather than the standard vertical lift.

The GX rides on 18” all-season tires with 12-spoke alloy wheels that add to the attractive appearance of the vehicle.  Tall in size, the vehicle has some unavoidable wind drift sweeping  onto mountain highways.  The overall ride is comfortable, and the seats accommodate larger body frames.  The adaptive kinetic suspension system adds to the overall comfort on all types of roads.

Loaded with safety equipment the GX rates a five-star safety system with all the latest safety features. Especially useful are the rear pedestrian and cross traffic warnings for crowded parking lots and grocery stores. 

The GX has 5 terrain controls and can make it into campgrounds and wilderness hunting expedition sorties.  There are three drive modes of normal, sport and comfort.  The powerful engine can tow up to 6500 pounds with full-time  all-wheel drive performance.

Along on the trip, passengers can listen to the Mark/Levinson 17 speaker sound system and XM radio programs.

Impressive in performance, appearance, and comfort, the GX comes in different models and pricing starts at $57,575 upward with  attractive options.

Being a quality luxury brand, it would be somewhat painful to see this vehicle climbing in rough terrain and high-country timber trails.  However, it is capable of all-season and outdoor usage.

Much nicer would be hauling skiers and equipment to a mountain resort with all of the LED lights, seats,  and heated windshield wipers.