Lexus ES-350h has all the right stuff


Test new vehicles, I just enjoyed the best model so far in 2022.  The Lexus ES/300h.F Sport is outstanding and has the hybrid fuel economy of 44 mph along with 215 horsepower; that combined with the electric drive and eight-speed variable transmission is indeed a sport driving experience.

The F Sport model has a manufacturer’s suggested list price of $45,450 with a number of desirable options that can move the price to $52,950, such as an advanced navigation system.

The ES350h has the softest seats of any vehicle tested; soft and comfortable and with a finely tuned suspension system, it is like riding on a cloud.

Lexus has given the F Sport a sleek sports car profile but still remains a six-passenger sedan with ample rear seat leg room and a large cargo area.

The ES/300h has both a 4-/300hcylinder profile and V6 with slight differences in horsepower, fuel economy and price.  The 2.5L / four-cylinder model was more than powerful in the sports mode, with additional choices of “normal” and “eco.”

I’m often asked what is my favorite vehicle?  The answer really depends upon the pocketbook, driving usage, commute, or family usage..

The ES300h has the economy of a hybrid but the performance of a strong and fast engine with the combination electric boost.  This makes for overall a spirited drive and earns the sport designation.

The design is sleek, almost race car design with darker “Iridian” paint and red and black interior with leather trim.

Today’s modern cars are all coming with radar cruise control and an assortment of warning features.  The rear cross-traffic alert is really useful at grocery stores or any location backing into traffic.

Paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel are especially useful in mountain driving to provide powerful acceleration or to downshift on descending roads.  

The vehicle rides on 19” alloy wheels with a fine-tuned suspension system and front and rear performance dampers, and a rear spoiler to signal high performance.

Safety is of top concern with 10 airbags and all of the latest safety features that earn the ES/300h a five-star overall safety rating.  The vehicle carries a 6-year/ 70,000 miles powertrain warranty.

Top performance, exceptional seating comfort with 10-way front heated and cooled ventilated seats, and a 10 speaker Bose sound system adds to the luxury of this fine sedan.

The factory can leave me this model.