Border disasters

After tens of thousands of Cubans cried out for freedom from the murderous communist regime that has executed, tortured and starved them for half a century, a flotilla was quickly put together to rush food and medicine to Cuba. This Miami flotilla has over a hundred boats and is manned by many Cuban Americans who are willing to risk their lives to help their relatives in Cuba. So what has the Biden regime done to help? Maybe provide a navy escort for these boats? Or perhaps take in refugees from Cuba that are fleeing for their lives? Incredibly, the answer is no. Instead, the Biden regime has outraged many Americans by ordering the Coast Guard to stop these boats from going to Cuba. Many people are asking why Biden would not allow our country to help these embattled Cubans. One possible answer could be that Biden is following Obama’s misguided attempts to befriend the brutal communists of Cuba.. This outrage is even more stark when you compare it with what is happening on our southern border, where known terrorists and over 800 convicted criminals have been captured while trying to enter our country illegally. This dangerous situation has largely been ignored by the Biden regime as they have done nothing to stop these incursions that are overwhelming the border states. So one must ask, “What kind of president would deny food and medicine to people who are standing up against communism, but at the same time would ignore terrorists and criminals entering our country?” The answer to this question should frighten all Americans.

Charles Newton
Highlands Ranch