Cherry Creek School District – Joining the Cancel Culture Movement?

I recently attended the Cherry Creek School District Open Candidate Forum on Sept. 30 with my wife, daughter and a friend of  the family. 

We all had concerns and were looking forward to the opportunity to have our questions addressed–after all it was an “Open Forum.”  The day before we discovered there wouldn’t be an opportunity for live Q & A but that we would need to write our questions on index cards provided, so we did.  There was a box at the entrance to place them in.  When the worker at the table saw our questions going into the box she said, oh good, they love questions.  She also told us we can write the rest of our questions in the auditorium and hand them over to the appropriate person.

The forum began with introductions, questions provided by the district and some questions from the candidates Q & As posted online (which really wasn’t necessary because we already read them online).

As the evening proceeded, it continued to be in a format that the district deemed appropriate.  Finally, the moderator said, now it is time for the audience questions.  As we waited in anticipation to have our questions answered, the moderator presented about three highly crafted questions, which the candidates seemed well prepared for.  So, again we waited for one of our group’s nine questions to be addressed.  Next, it was announced, that concludes our evening, thank you for coming, and it is time for closing statements.  We couldn’t believe it. 

This was not the open candidate forum we expected.  None of our questions were asked or answered. Matter of fact none of the 48 questions were asked (yes, 48).  How do I know this?  The woman at the door said there were 40 questions.  It would not be possible to answer all 40.  Maybe if we skipped the hoopla in the first ¾ of the meeting, they would have had time. 

So, we left feeling defeated once again.  They don’t want to hear from the public just like the last Board of Education meeting—no questions except those ones submitted days ahead of time.  And, this is the kicker…when we left the auditorium, we saw the questions box at the entrance.  Out of curiosity, I picked it up only to find our questions and others still in the box.  They had no intention of presenting our questions and any others.

Is this the free democratic society we know and expect or is it a new wave of Cancel Culture right here in our district?

Patrick Maguire
Centennial CCSD resident