Letters 8-19-21

The problems continue

One problem everyone has noticed is the big jump in gasoline, natural gas and propane prices. All Americans, especially lower income families, are hurt by having to pay more for gasoline and utilities. This cost-of-living increase could not have come at a worse time for these lower income families who were already struggling to afford a place to live. A big cause of this jump in energy prices are the policies that our president and the Democrat party have promoted which ban domestic oil and gas drilling. This makes oil and gas scarcer and as any fifth grader knows, if you make something scarcer, the price goes up. 

So a wise choice that would assist lower income families could be to stop trying to ban oil and gas drilling in our country. This would mean more plentiful oil and gas with the accompanying lower gasoline prices and utility bills. Alas wisdom is not at work here, as President Biden’s Democrat regime has chosen another course which is to start begging other countries, including Russia, to increase their oil production. (The forlorn hope is that if other countries produce more oil, the price will go down in our country.) Hmm. Weren’t we told by Biden and the Democrats that the Russians are our enemy? If this so, why are the Democrats asking our enemy to increase oil production which would then give Russia huge profits?

Another problem in our country is the new COVID Delta strain which is wreaking havoc especially among the unvaccinated. Biden’s Democrat regime has repeatedly pushed everyone to get vaccinated and is disparaging those that don’t. So if Biden is so concerned about the COVID problem, why is he allowing hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants into our country? 

As is clear to any thinking person, Biden’s Democrat regime is causing economic hardship for lower income families by curtailing our oil and gas production and encouraging our enemy, Russia, to produce more. Coupling this with the unleashing of hundreds of thousands of possibly COVID positive illegal immigrants and you have a recipe for disaster. Hopefully the American people will awaken to these types of problems and will vote Biden’s Democrats out of office next year. 

Charles Newton
Highlands Ranch