LETTERS – 6-23-22

My candidate, Mark Gotto

I suspect you know nothing about Arapahoe County. In fact you probably haven’t given it any thought since we have been deluged with an over-the-top political, mind-boggling advertising. Perhaps you are one of the those  citizens who still think you are being double-dipped since the formation of the City of Centennial. Well,  let me tell you why I am supporting Mark Gotto. First of all. He is not a politician. You know the fancy talking, good looking, “I will solve all your problems” political persona. Mark is your next door neighbor who cares about his neighborhood, his city and his county and is committed to making a difference. I believe him, when he says, one of his first tasks will be to “tell the story” about who, what and how the Arapahoe County government interfaces with you and me. Secondly, Mark is a business man with the knowledge and experience in managing budgets, overseeing and working with staff as a team player and collaborating with the different entities that effect our county. Most important Mark Gotto is a listener and a doer! When he sees something that needs to be fixed, he knows where, whom to see and how to solve it. I watched Mark, when we were both City Councilmen,  engage with his constituents and get the job done. Enough said….vote for Mark Gotto!

Dear Greenwood Village District Four City Council Members Hilton & Stahl:

I have been oblivious to the issue concerning firearm sales in the city until last week’s “The Villager” mentioned it and informed us more was coming in the June 16th issue, which it did, igniting my interest in just what our city council is up to.

This message is to request specific information from you, our elected City Council members for District Four about the attached proposed ordinance, which I am informed has passed a first reading at the last Council meeting. 

I was totally unaware, as District Four Council Representative Tom Stahl is quoted in “The Villager” as saying, that the matter, “. . . has been a huge topic in our area, district four, “Further, it was distressing for me to read Council Member Judy Hilton quoted in “The Villager” as saying, “I’m going to vote based on my emotions…”

I certainly must wonder how that squares with the oath of office she took?

Therefore, I request you each answer specifically six questions that will, at least for me, hopefully clarify the issue of how your representation of me, my desires and interests coincides with facts, logic and my actual thinking.

The six questions are:

1) Am I correct the proposed ordinance provides for unequal rights to conduct a firearms sales business, denying the development of competitors for existing and, therefore, “Grandfathered” by the proposed ordinance as City-protected businesses?

2) If the answer to “1)” above is “YES”, why should  Greenwood Village not want to have “equal protection under the law” for all?

3) Is it proper or desirable for Council Member Hilton to vote, as she reportedly said, based on her emotions, rather than following the oath of office she executed upon taking her position as a GV City Council member?

By the way, I read in “The Villager” an extensive quotation of Council Member Hilton about the tragic and horrific Columbine High School atrocity of decades ago, which did not take place in Greenwood Village, but totally fail to perceive any relevance or connection whatsoever to our GV ordinance proposal concerning sales.

4) What is the problem or situation endangering any Greenwood Villager that this proposal “fixes”, alleviates, reduces or modifies for the better?

5) Is there some way the proposed ordinance prevents a Greenwood Villager from conducting a firearms sales business using a mailing address that is outside the city and it’s purview?

6) I am informed many more people, by multiples, are injured and killed by knives and automobiles than firearms. What are Greenwood Village City Council members doing to ameliorate those?

From what I see and understand to date, I want you to know I totally disagree with your reported votes for this, in my opinion, misguided measure.

I request you reconsider your stances and vote, on the second reading, a resounding “NO”!

My mind remains completely open always and facts and logic could convince me I am properly & well represented rather than otherwise.

Less government is always better and especially when government does not reach into what I consider to be none of their business.

After reading “The Villager” reports of the last two weeks, I must wonder if the late, great bard, William Shakespeare, perhaps, probably presciently, entitled one of his comedies about this matter, “Much Ado About Nothing”?

I very much look forward to your timely enough to be useful replies, explanations and answers and thank you for serving Greenwood Villagers.


Lou Schroeder
GV District Four Resident