LETTERS – 5-2-24

Bob, Oh Bob! You are a master of nostalgia! Going down memory lane with you is a blast! We
so enjoy your columns and writing style. It’s as if we were all having coffee together at your
breakfast room table. May I join you on this journey?

Welcome Paul Tamburello to the burbs! Having established a reputable business “Little Man Ice
Cream” in North Denver, Paul has returned home. I can remember Paul at Arapahoe High
School growing up with our kids, the Turley clan. Welcome back to the neighborhood! Lest we
not forget the Stellar boys, all AHS graduates and all successful on their own paths. It appears
Eric Stellar has bought and sold almost every house in the area. Congratulations and thank you
for your commitment to our beautiful city. Arapahoe High School did a yeoman’s job in preparing
our young people for today’s challenges and opportunities. I love to see how successful our
young people have become and especially how they are giving back to the community.

Keep on “Rambling “ Bob!
Memories are precious!

Kathy Turley