LETTERS 4-7-22

Support Rich Sokol For South Metro Fire Rescue Board – mail in ballots arrive next week!

It is so important that you vote when your ballot arrives in the mail around April 14!

I have been proud to serve the good people of Centennial.  When I was first elected in 2011, the citizens of our district told me what they looked for in a leader: someone who truly cared about constituents, possessed integrity, and was fiscally conservative with taxpayer money.  This has not changed.  Rich Sokol has these qualities, and I urge you to support him for the South Metro Fire Rescue Board.

All levels of government – as well as all businesses – need to spend dollars wisely.  Despite rising home values and thus rising property taxes, some call for government to raise taxes.  Others understand the need for government to prioritize our spending, cut waste, and do more with less.  Rich is such a person.

Rich is the only candidate with a finance background.  In his professional career as an investment analyst, his chief task was to scrutinize companies to determine which were run well and which were not.  As the Treasurer on the S. Metro Fire Board for ten years, he made sure that waste is eliminated and taxpayer money is spent wisely.  We all benefit from his finance skills!

For the last twelve years, Rich has owned a health-care network focused on helping accident victims get the medical care they need.  How appropriate, since almost two-thirds of S. Metro’s calls from citizens are for health emergencies! 

Rich knows firsthand how important S. Metro is to our community.  In 2008, S. Metro firefighters answered a call at his home to save his two year old daughter.  All families in our community benefit from the world-class fire and medical first responders of S Metro. Protecting you and your family is S Metro’s first order of business, and that will remain Rich’s number one priority.  

Rich has been active in our community for a long time.  Our paths have crossed not just in the political sphere, but also from his work with the Autism Society of Colorado.  He has always worked hard for the betterment of our community.

With Rich on the Board, you can sleep well knowing that S Metro will continue to provide the best protection of lives and property while wisely managing resources.  As a resident of the S. Metro district, I urge you to vote for him.

Mayor Stephanie Piko

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