LETTERS 4-21-22

Rich Sokol for South Metro Fire Rescue Board

As a person who has always tried to believe the best about our public officials, regardless of their party, the past few years have been especially difficult for me. Locally, I have come to know an individual who has the caliber and integrity of a top-flight leader. He is Rich Sokol, candidate for the South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) Board.

Rich Sokol above all else, aims to keep our communities safe. The brave men and women of the SMFR District respond to over 45,000 fire and medical emergency calls each year. The costs of maintaining such fast-response, well-trained personnel forces is in the tens of millions of dollars. Rich Sokol will work tirelessly, scouring the SMFR budget and analyzing every operation of our fire district. He will find efficient and creative new ways to wisely manage our resources so that we will never have to sacrifice the world-class protection we receive for our lives and property.

Rich Sokol’s background as a healthcare entrepreneur, successful investment analyst and CFO, with a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School, taught him the unique know-how to ensure smart financial planning for the South Metro Fire District. Rich has earned recognition for his ability to run organizations, analyze budgets and determine the well-run companies. He currently is a successful local businessman and active community leader.

There are two simple qualities that I care about and trust to find in the people I elect- care for the preservation of our communities, and the knowledge and ability to do it. Rich Sokol has proven he has both! His election to the South Metro Fire Rescue Board will ensure good government.

Edie Marks

A charging station is not $30,000 to $100,000

The statement from Evelyn Lim about the cost of a charging station in my case is totally untrue. I got a charging “station” [part] with my new Nissan LEAF, and all I had to do was wire it up, which I know how to do  since I’m an apprentice electrician with Habitat.

I have no idea what she’s thinking of that would cost $30,000 to $100,000.

Larry McLaughlin