LETTERS – 3-17-22

Arapahoe County Board update on the health department creation process 

Since this past fall, the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners has been executing the complex process of creating a single-county public health department. This became necessary after Adams and Douglas counties exited our 55-year partnership with the Tri-County Health Department in 2021. 

By state law, all Colorado counties must operate a public health department, and the Tri-County Health Department will continue to provide all public health services to Arapahoe County residents until a replacement is established, by no later than January 1, 2023. 

Our primary objective is to protect the health and safety of our residents, especially for our most vulnerable populations, including children and older adults. Our new health department will sustain our communities’ health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on the tremendous diversity we have across the County. The new department will be datacentric and evidence based and will consider holistic and long-term financial implications for the County while striving for excellence and innovation in all the services we deliver. 

The Otowi Group, a locally based consultant with extensive public health expertise, is helping guide us through this process, which has required the Board to meet frequently and collaborate with all stakeholders, including our residents. The Board is also examining public health models across Colorado and in other states to determine the best ways to meet our residents’ needs, set priorities, and minimize disruptions during the transition. 

The Board will share our conceptual recommendations at a public study session on Tuesday, March 29 and host a virtual town hall on the evening of Wednesday, March 30. These events will provide the latest updates on the process and give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback. More information about these meetings and our entire process is available at arapahoegov.com/health. 

We’ll continue sharing new details as they become available, and by the time we’re ready to unveil our plans in full later this year, all stakeholders’ considerations will have been weighed and appropriately prioritized. The ultimate decisions about our future public health operations will address the fiscal impact of providing these services while focusing on the best interests of the County’s overall health and safety.

Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners:
Carrie Warren-Gully
Nancy Sharpe
Jeff Baker
Nancy Jackson
Bill Holen

Why hurt America

After our president pushed for a ban on oil and gas development in our country, oil and natural gas prices naturally started to rise. This increase in energy costs has caused more inflation, driving up the cost of gasoline and utility bills. It has also affected food prices because of the increased costs of harvesting and transporting food to grocery stores. These inflationary costs have especially hurt lower income families, who struggle to pay these higher costs. 

With this inflation now starting to spiral out of control, let’s see what our president has done to combat the problem he helped create. First, he begged Russia and other countries to increase oil production. When that didn’t work, he tried to blame U.S. oil companies for price gouging. With the public not falling for that canard and the price of oil continuing to go up because of the treacherous Ukraine invasion, our president is now begging VENEZUELA to increase oil production. 

This is unbelievable! Instead of encouraging U.S. oil and gas companies to increase production, the Biden regime is now begging the murderous Maduro dictatorship to send us more oil. Any thinking person must ask why our president is constantly asking our enemies to increase oil production while he attempts to ban increased oil and gas production in our own country?

Thank goodness we have an election coming up in November. Let’s hope Americans realize the inflation peril that Biden and his party have put us in. After all, who needs leadership that follows policies which hurt the most vulnerable of our citizens. 

Charles Newton
Highlands Ranch