LETTERS 12-23-21

Frontline Heroes

Dear Editor, 

In a region as large and diverse as the greater Denver area, we need quality hospital systems which can support our needs. 

Here in the southern part of the metro region, we are fortunate to have access to numerous medical facilities providing quality care to our communities. UC Health, HealthONE, Centura Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Craig, and Centennial Hospitals are just a few of the many options available. These facilities are open 365 days a year to provide care to any patient walking through their door and serve as a critical safety net for the health and wellbeing of our local families and our larger workforce. Our local hospital system’s scale and resources also allows them to provide for all, resulting in millions of dollars of charity work, discounts, and uncompensated care for Denver’s most vulnerable residents. 

Now more than ever, our city relies on the incredible work of our frontline heroes as we continue to remain vigilant about COVID-19 and new variants that emerge. This global pandemic has created many challenges for our communities, but it has been a comfort to have a trained and skilled workforce ready to combat the health challenges we have faced. 

At the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, we know not every local employee has access to healthcare options. But with our local hospitals continued commitment to never turning patients away, Denver’s residents can take comfort in knowing they have access to numerous facilities nearby. 

Jeff Keener 

South Metro Denver Chamber

Climate change ain’t so bad

I had that thought as I sat outside in December on a 72° day.  Then I thought about breathing smoke in summer and not being able to see the mountains. I also thought of driving through the mountains last week and seeing the slopes bone dry except for a few thin ribbons where man-made snow allows for what we now call skiing.  I thought of farmers who may not be able to grow crops and ranchers who may not be able to raise cattle. In a few years we may not have enough water to drink.

Before long, we will long for the good old days when we could’ve done something about climate change.

I cry for our children and their children.

Bob Steiert
Cherry Hills Village

40 great years

Bob and Gerri:

I really enjoyed your look back over the past 40 years.  It is especially meaningful because it coincides with my arrival in Colorado following my 20 year military career.  I arrived here on May 1, 1983, which was shortly after you started the Villager.  And I have been a loyal subscriber ever since.  Congratulations on 40 great years.

Jim Harrington