LETTERS 10-21-21

Vote no on Greenwood Village Ballot Issue 2B

In looking at the ballot issues, I am concerned with the vague wording of Ballot Issue 2B.  The Greenwood Village City Council wants to amend the Home Rule Charter to no longer publish new laws in the local newspaper. They suggest they MAY use an electronic publication. This will require the City Council to establish new  publication requirements by ordinance. My husband always used to say “Trust but Verify”.  Vote no on Ballot Issue 2B.  You can’t verify something that is kept in the dark or secret. 

Mrs Wayne J. Thompson Jr.
Greenwood Village

Imposition of mandates just plain wrong

The recent imposition of mandates requiring corporations of all kinds including medical providers to ensure vaccination of their employees as a condition of employment is just plain wrong and a draconian symptom of a government grown far too involved in our daily lives.  

I did not appoint the governor or president to become my primary care physician. 

The scariest part of this nonsense is that vaccination mandates are just a small part of what has gone wrong with the dramatic overreach by politicians and unelected bureaucrats throughout our republic. It seems easy to blame the majority party holding office in our state and mostly in the nation’s capitol, but there has been a long, slow usurpation of power and authority by autocrats of both parties. 

These actions have resulted in our constitutional government being trampled for decades and ignored by “we the people” for far too long.  It is time we took back our government from these usurpers.

Chuck Lawson
Greenwood Village