LETTERS 10-14-21

Addressed to City of Littleton & The Villager.

I am opposed to any sales tax increase, although I suspect that is the route you will choose. Two erroneous facts were mentioned in the three pieces of propaganda which I received from the City of Littleton. The fact that the city sales tax has not increased in fifty years, while accurate, should have no bearing here. The sales tax is more than adequate and is not meant to be adjusted at any time on your whim. Also, you stated other municipalities have higher sales taxes. While true, there are plenty that have less, Centennial for instance. You will penalize those who can least afford it, the poor and unemployed.

My suggestion is that ALL city employees take a 5-15% pay decrease until the revenue corrects itself and that all raises should be suspended for three years.  These employees should suffer just like the rest of us. In the 70s governments began arguing that their wages should be equal to the private sector. That was quickly carried out, and in fact most city wages now far exceed the private sector. So when that argument was no longer valid, you started comparing yourselves to other municipalities. The argument went by department, and stated that if so and so’s police department or fire department or city manager or city clerk’s pay was higher than Littleton’s, then you would have to match or exceed it. This circular argument has been going on for years and has elevated many salaries to ridiculous levels. How many city workers now make in excess of $100,000?

Finally, in a petty move several years back, you reduced the vendor’s fee for those businesses that collect sales tax. You should restore that at this time to show good faith. As I stated earlier, I believe you will seek the sales tax increase. The only way I could support this is if it is temporary and you reduce it back to it’s present levels when the crisis passes. In addition, I think you should shutter the Littleton Museum and Library and the Town Hall Arts Center for three years. These are all money losing entities supported by the city and are the pet projects of only a few. Thank you for listening.

Kurt Melstrom
Pyramid Liquors, Littleton