Being ‘Woke’ Doesn’t Work

As a veteran,  my first awareness of the ‘Woke’ movement came when I was stunned to see NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. Needless to say, myself and many friends stopped watching. After all, how could anyone want to cheer for teams like the Pittsburg Kneelers who don’t respect our flag?  Not worrying about having access to apolitical sports, I continued to watch the NBA which had not succumbed to the ‘Woke’ plague. However, that came to a screeching halt last year. I turned on the TV and was horrified to see Black Lives Matter protestors looting and burning down minority businesses all across our country. Shortly thereafter, I tuned in to an NBA game and was stunned to see that they had painted Black Lives Matter on the court. So, adios to the NBA for supporting people who loot and burn down minority businesses. 

Now being short of sports programs to watch, I turned to baseball, the great American pastime. That all went well until MLB decided that requiring a voter ID was a supposed suppression of voting rights. This faulty belief caused MLB to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta to Denver. The ‘Woke’ MLB must surely be aware that almost everyone has an ID so they can drive, fly, get medical attention, cash a check etc. What is wrong with asking people to provide that ID to vote? MLB’s unfortunate politicization of this issue will once again hurt minority businesses in Atlanta which is 60% black. That loss of revenue from the All-Star game will be significant. Denver cannot make that up because only 10% of our population is black. 

As we can clearly see, the ‘Woke’ movement tramples on American values, law and order, minority businesses and plain old common sense. These ‘Woke’ sports franchises can help combat this by taking a couple of positive steps. First, if the NFL is serious about social justice,  they could ask their players to spend a lot of time in south Chicago where black on black murders are skyrocketing. The NFL could provide coaches, mentors, financial support for single mothers, etc. The NBA could offer to rebuild the minority businesses that were looted and burned down by BLM. MLB could schedule next year’s All-Star game in Atlanta to give a boost to minority businesses.

As is plain to see, being ‘Woke’ doesn’t help our country. Hopefully these sport franchises will recognize that and do some positive things for our country. If they do, who knows, they might even get some fans back.

Charles Newton
Highlands Ranch