Landmark Theatre accused of being $500,000 behind in paying its rent


On December 1, SPE, LLC, who owns the property in which the Landmark Greenwood Village Theatre is located, filed suit in Arapahoe County District Court against Silver Cinemas Acquisition Company (Silver Cinema), operator of the theater at 5415 Landmark Place in Greenwood Village for nonpayment of rent on the property.

According to the complaint, which The Villager obtained, the theater operators are in default under the lease and have been so notified in writing on April 4, April 18, July 18, August 4, September 13, and November 2 of this year.

Although some payments have been made to the landlord, Silver Cinema is alleged to be in arrears in the amount of $491,223.30, which led SPE, LLC to file suit.

The landlord is represented by David Brewster and Nate Arrington of Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff and Ragonetti, P.C.