KINDLING – Weekend football playoff miracles

It’s a Sunday night as I write this column.  I have just witnessed the most amazing football game in my entire life with the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs over the Buffalo Bills.   Victory, and defeat, changing in the last 13 seconds of the game.  Impossible, but Mahone managed a touchdown to move his team closer to the Super Bowl, losing last year to Brady’s Tampa Bay.  What a heartbreak for the Bills and astonishing win for the Kansas City team.

Sadly, when I witness the caliber of play by all of the weekend football teams, I think our beloved Broncos have a very long road ahead.   It was good to see former Denver star player Von  Miller showing his talents once again leading the Rams to victory.  It takes a great quarterback and a solid defense to win these playoff games.

Lastly, I enjoyed seeing the exhilarating  joy exhibited by the thousands of football fans rooting in the stadiums for their beloved teams.  I didn’t see any Omicron masks but a lot of costumes, hats, signs, and screaming Americans finally enjoying something besides Washington politics and the ongoing pandemic.  

It just felt good to see so many Americans outdoors really enjoying themselves and not worrying for a few hours about the rising cost of a pound of hamburger.

May the force be with the Bronco brain trust in hiring the right coach and selecting a winning quarterback.

It looks to me like the Super Bowl teams may be the Rams and the Chiefs.  What a wonderful weekend of amazing football with the games so competitive and close.

American spirit prevailed and we can still win many victories on and off the playing fields. 

Like the Chiefs, never give up!