KINDLING – Special holiday and newspaper memories

I’ve had my fill of turkey, enjoying the meal ordered from Whole Foods this year due to our busy work schedule.  We hosted the dinner for 12 members of our immediate family and hat’s off to the Whole Food’s cooks.  The 15 lb. turkey was perfect with an abundance of our favorite white meat; we had many leftovers of gravy, turkey, mashed potatoes, spinach and kelp, squash, and dressing. Family members added a green bean casserole and sweet potatoes.  I’m now on my third meal of leftovers and getting low on gravy.

I cautiously climbed on the bathroom scale Sunday to see how much damage I had inflicted on my body weight, expecting the worst.  However, surprisingly my weight had stayed the same, wonders never cease.  

The Thanksgiving decorum has disappeared only to be replaced by my busy spouse taking advantage of the post-Thanksgiving weekend to do her annual Christmas decorating.  After an exhausting basement search she found the annual nativity scene along with previous holiday wreaths and ornaments.  I know many good cooks read The Villager and I commend you all on first preparing the Thanksgiving feast, then cleaning up the kitchen with multiple pots, pans, and dishes used in the annual family feast.   My talented wife Gerri uses her creative skills to decorate the table and pulls out our finest china plates for the occasion saying, “If I don’t use these dishes now, and at Christmas, when will I ever use them?”  It does make a difference to dine  on fine dishes and crystal goblets for wine and w ater.  Give your loved one a h nd say “Thank You” for all that you do to make Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and Christmas so special for your family and friends.  Thank you Gerri Sweeney as we celebrate 40 years of publishing  The Villager newspaper with many of you subscribers still sticking with us for many of these past and present years.

Elsewhere, in this edition, you will find some of the early first-year headlines as we remember many wonderful staff members we have enjoyed working with down through the four decades.

How we loved and respected Mort Marks, Ed Phillipson, John Hanford, Don Fullerton,  Gretchen Peacock, Josh Cole, Elizabeth Denton, Shirley Smith, Christopher Dehning, Jo Cole, Cathy Pepper and we still relish our friendships with Glory Weisberg, Bette Todd, Vickie Dow, Jim Pilon, Peter Jones, B.T. Galloway, Wanda Paddia and many others, and our longest advertiser Kentwood’s Edie Marks.

What fun it has been to cover notable citizens like Mayor Freda Poundstone, George Wallace, Mayor Rollie Barnard,  and to still enjoy a luncheon with venerable John Madden and  former Mayor of Greenwood Village Ron Rakowski,  who calls me on my birthday.  What a fine gentleman and great public servant he has been.  Mayor Nancy Sharpe has been an inspiration with her leadership in Greenwood Village and soon to be term-limited as an Arapahoe County Commissioner.  Maybe she should seek higher office.  Nancy has paid her dues, time and time again.

We presently have a wonderful and loyal staff at the newspaper with many approaching 20 years of employment, including our three daughters and son.  What a hard working, award-winning team.

Who knows what is lurking in the future for newspapers, the nation, further COVID strains, school challenges, and world peace or war.  

Life and living is a challenge, but what a thrill to participate in publishing each week. 

Let’s keep decorating, cooking, and loving our families, hopefully with peace, good health and prosperity for all.