KINDLING – American generosity reigns in Afghanistan

The debacle in Afghanistan is horrific with the death of 13 U.S. service members and  Afghan citizens.  We all know the story by now of the tragic withdrawal of American troops before getting our citizens and loyal Afghan supporters out of the country.  

The mercenary Afghan army, who were being paid by US taxpayers folded without firing a shot against the Taliban forces making strong headway across the rocky slopes.

The point that I think many pundits miss is that the Taliban won the war.  They are in charge and they gave us until Aug. 31 to withdraw Americans and our allies.  At this writing it is unknown what will happen when this deadline passes and we still have Americans left behind, some by choice, others just stranded.

I hear voices calling that we should take back another airfield and support dissidents in a northern valley who are still willing to fight. This would extend the conflict for another decade or so, attempting to force our way of life on those who do not wish to follow our lifestyle or religion.  A noble thought, but this conflict is over for now.

I give President Biden credit for following in President Trump’s footsteps in wanting to end this 20-year debacle and withdraw the troops. The only problem was in how we withdrew and when.  It has been a disaster and we can only hope that the Taliban has some tolerance for those Americans left behind.  I doubt that they will have much sympathy for natives who fought against them.  But, the world is watching them closely, and they have some pressure to be civilized.

There are some email photos moving around the internet showing dozens of pallets of U.S. hundred-dollar bills left behind.  It appears to be millions of dollars, perhaps used to pay the deserting army forces.  Early day Americans beat the daylights out of foreign mercenaries paid to fight in the early frontiers.

It is estimated that we left 80 billion in some enormous amount of the latest military equipment, Black Hawk choppers, sniper rifles, ammunition, fuel, vehicles all now owned by the victors.  To the winners go the spoils at U.S. taxpayer’s expense.

I don’t know who the active duty military commander of this actual deployment was, but he should resign or be court martialed.  The buck stops with President Biden who has admitted his blame, but the military commanders who ran the show need to resign.  

It appears that no one was tending the store and we just quickly left, leaving millions of cash on pallets for the Taliban to capture.  They really should thank us for our gifts and let the captured Americans stay for as long as they wish for our generosity.

If any Afghans can get to Latin America, they can just walk across our Southern border and enter the United States – ISIS not invited.