KINDLING – A matter of days before Ukraine falls

American diplomats met with Russian counterparts last week to discuss the buildup of an estimated 100,000 Russian military forces along the Ukrainian border.  The U.S. effort was to deter the impending Russian invasion by Biden’s warning of strong U.S. sanctions against any Russian invasion of the former Soviet State.

There was little news coverage of the event, but it appeared to not be successful.  Bottom line, Ukraine is not part of NATO so does not have the full backing of that longstanding military protection alliance primarily funded by the United States.

Ukraine would like to join NATO and reportedly there is an agreement with Russia that that should not occur.   The Russians would like to have Ukraine back in their domain along with Crimea that they took back in 2014 without a shot being fired.

There are two subjects that I’m well versed and the first is Russian history based upon my being one of 13 journalists sent to The Soviet Union in 1975 on an exchange program.  It was a lifelong learning experience that I think about every day of my life.   I’m so glad to be an American living in such a free godly country with a constitution and bill of rights.  Back in 1975 the USSR was a cold, bleak communist nation with oppressed poor citizens.  Only 13 percent of the USSR were communists, but they ran the country and later with the Soviet breakup became owners of what was left, primarily Russia. The Russian people are solid hard working people, with a lousy government that is paranoid about their borders.

The second topic where I’m knowlegible is in tank warfare as a graduate of the armor school at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  I spent part of my military experience operating tank firing ranges at the Fort.  I can relate that when 25 tanks come across a field with engines roaring and the thunder they make you don’t want to be in the way of their fire power.   If the Russians decide to invade Ukraine those 100,000 tanks and vehicles will take back that divided country in a week.  Much like the Afghanistan troop it is my guess that the local army will disappear fast as those Russian tanks, planes, and infantry attack.

Thankfully President Biden is only mentioning sanctions and not sending American troops with thousands of our military still stationed in Germany over 80 years after World War ll.  

President Biden has already approved the completion of their new oceanic gas pipeline into Germany along with an oil pipeline that flows from Russia into Eastern countries.  When I was in the USSR there were many Germans living in the Tourist hotel while constructing the new pipeline.

Bottom line, any U.S. sanctions against the Russians is a joke. They have become economically successful largely due to oil, agriculture, mining and owning 50 percent of  U.S. uranium production.   They have huge amounts of cash flowing in from selling energy to Eastern Europe.

Russia is not the major threat but their recent alliances with China is menacing because China is a real threat with expansion into Africa, and South America.  It won’t be long before we have a showdown over Taiwan, and it will fall to the Chinese communists.

That is another challenge to America that could happen soon.