KATHY’S KOMMENTS – A serendipitous story

This should make you smile! It certainly was the highlight of my day. There I was pulling  into the Walgreens parking lot when I was practically run over by this Irish speaking lady calling out “Ireland, oh Ireland.” She had seen my Ireland decal on the back window. We both couldn’t stop talking and sharing stories about one of our very favorite countries that we call “our second home.” She is a Belfast lady, charming and now, a dear friend. Who is Susan Morrice? A geologist, owner of Belize Natural Energy Company and an extraordinary, magical, spirit-filled Irish lass who lives in Greenwood Village. According to Susan, her company was founded on the drawing out of the energy potential within all of us.  My husband and I were invited to her home the next day for afternoon tea. We were so delighted for the invitation for an afternoon of inspiration with a kindred spirit. In this pandemic frenzy time of stress and fear, each day I try to seek peace and understanding and I sensed this new encounter would be a serendipitous experience. I also believe that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason.

As we entered her property in Greenwood Village, we were awestruck at the elaborate 14 acre estate, with several man-made lakes, and an enormous tent decorated with rugs and chandeliers. There were over 100 awe-inspiring stone sculptures on the property, a deep human expression of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.These “voices in stone” tell tales of life in traditional and contemporary works of art. This paradise was a blessed experience and a personal testimony of Susan’s commitment and passion for life. It didn’t take too long, during our visit, to discover that Susan was in the midst of deciding the future of this magnificent site… and it didn’t take me too long to offer some ideas to ponder! Immediately, I suggested she contact my friend, Brian Vogt at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Of course, she was already serving on the Board of Directors. We began exploring a myriad of ideas and also sharing many connections of people we know. Because we are both “out of the box” thinkers, we continued down the path of future possibilities: A retreat center, and educational center, sub-dividing the land for development, a meeting center for executives,  youth retreat, art on loan for the Centennial Art and Cultural Foundation, Denver Botanic Gardens eastern garden site, Highline Canal Conservancy, South Suburban Parks and Recreation training site and more. The opportunities are endless.

After months of conversations with mayors, county commissioners, elected officials, realtors and developers, the journey continues to evolve in the puzzle. It takes a visionary, a bold leader and a risk taker with a large vision to advance an innovative idea. I think we have that person!

“The Adobe Education Center will be a platform for inviting guests to explore nature, the arts and more important, themselves.”

– Susan Morrice


Kathy Turley is a former City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Centennial