Junior Auction at Stock Show

The Junior Auction is held each year at the stock show.  Young people raise and then sell steers, goats, pigs and lambs.  They undergo a strict regime of classes to determine champion and reserve champion groups.  These are highly prized by the kids. 

On Jan 21, the winners of each class bring the animals under auction.  The bidding is hot and fast.  Before the auction a bidders social is held.  Cowboys, ranch owners, farmers and all who enjoy good animals indulge in great food and drink.  All get to meet the youngsters who have raised these animals and see the cream of our country farm kids. “This is the part I love – these kids are polite, intelligent and all around good future farmers,” said Bartlett. “The money raised from the sale of the animal goes toward their college fare.  This is my 20th year promoting the auction and it’s always the bright spot to start off a new year” said Bartlett.