Incumbents are re-elected in South Suburban Parks & Rec District

The current and continuing members of the board of directors of South Suburban Parks & Recreation are (left to right) Pete Barrett, David Lawful, Susan Pye (president), Ken Lucas and Jim Taylor.
Courtesy photo.


On May 3, voters in the South Suburban Parks & Recreation District chose the three incumbents for re-election to its board of directors. Susan Pye, Pete Barrett and David Lawful, all elected in 2018, will serve a second and final term from 2022 to 2025. They will rejoin current board members Ken Lucas and Jim Taylor. The current terms are for three years instead of the regular four years as a result of the transition of SSPR elections to odd-numbered years from the current even-numbered year elections. In 2025, the seats occupied by Pye, Barrett and Lawful will be open because all three will be term-limited.

Although SSPR serves over 151,000 residents in four cities, two towns, and the unincorporated areas of three counties, the total number of votes received by the eight candidates in this election for three board seats averaged 560. This was a polling place election with two voting locations. It also allowed voters to apply for and receive an absentee ballot. 

Pye and Barrett each received 976 votes and Lawful received 830. The next highest vote total belonged to John Priddy, who received 547 votes. After Priddy, other candidates’ vote totals were Alexis Barrere with 426, Elizabeth Watson with 315, Kathleen Turley with 292 and Michael Kohut with 117.