Hyundai Tucson SUV upholds western name

Vehicles just continue to become better, smarter, faster, with improving fuel economy, and in many vehicles’ turbo boosted 4-cylinder engines.

The chip shortage has slowed the delivery and manufacturing of some models but seems to have improved.  Car dealers now have improved inventories and used car prices are descending after a shortage.

This week’s test car is a Hyundai  Tucson XRT all-wheel drive.  The SUV body style is a dark “Amazon Gray” with black 19” alloy wheels.

The darker appearance gives a powerful look, almost like a police vehicle.  Not a bad appearance with today’s fast-moving traffic and some reckless speeders.  Have you noticed that however fast you are driving, someone will pass.  One of my pet peeves is  when following along in a line of cars how another car will pass in front of your car  and cut in, going no faster.  It takes patience and defensive driving skills on today’s highways.

Highway safety is a big factor with Hyundai and this Tucson has every major new safety feature in existence.  Also, a bevy of air bags, front, side, and roll-over sensors.  I’ve become quite fond of the rear cameras that look out for rear traffic and pedestrians. 

The Tucson joins a mid-range series of SUVs assembled in Ulsan, Korea with Korean engine and transmission. They are proud of their work and offer the best warranty in the trade with a 10-year 100,000/ mile power warranty.  

All of their family of vehicles have exciting features; more expensive models have a screen photo of the blind spot lane, really cool for lane changing.  One of the best reasons for purchasing a new vehicle is to gain the advanced safety features, radar cruise control, lane forward collision,  lane keep assist, and rear-traffic alert.

The interior is compact, heated and cooled front seats, UBS smart phone charger station, and adjustable leather wrapped steering wheel. The Tucson has running boards for easy exit and entry.  A power lift gate is aluminated for easy nighttime unloading.

While not turbo-charged, the larger 2.5L engine with an 8-speed transmission provided sufficient highway power.  The fuel economy averaged 26 mpg. overall.  Fuel economy is a rising issue with gasoline prices now climbing over $4 a gallon.

The suggested manufacturer’s retail price is $34,840, including a long list of attractive options, making this a very competitive all-wheel drive vehicle for Colorado highways. 

A smart,  long-lasting choice.