How you can support Ukrainian relief efforts

There are many ways Denver area residents can assist organizations supplying relief efforts to Ukraine, according to Alina Natynski. They include:

Purchasing a hand-crafted stuffed animal from, Natynski’s online site. Half of the sales will be sent to support Ukrainian dairy farmers, who raise cows that provide milk and other products that feed local citizens and soldiers fighting for the nation.

The plush animals are being sold at various locations around the region. They include Woodbury Collective and Black Hawk Bean & Cream, Black Hawk; the Spice and Tea Exchange, Idaho Springs; the LOCAL at Southlands, Aurora; Sweetwater Boutique, Evergreen; Carousel of Happiness, Nederland; and Kind Mountain Collective, Idaho Springs.

The Frank and Bubby stuffed toys will be sold at an April 15 event at the Holistic Homestead, 972 Golden Gate Canyon Road (Highway 46), Black Hawk. All sales proceeds will be sent to the Ukrainian dairy farmers’ fund.

Natynski has established a Fundly website page, which raised more than $10,000. The site is at is an international website that has raised more than $15 million. Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States and the rest of the world. Through donations, the organization funds various efforts to help the people of Ukraine and strengthen Ukraine’s democratic society.