GV City Council will consider banning new retail gun sellers in neighborhoods


On May 3, the City of Greenwood Village announced that its city council will consider an amendment to its municipal code that would prohibit any new home businesses that include “the sale of firearms in conjunction with a home occupation.” Council Member Donna Johnston is slated to introduce the amendment.

Testimony from the public for or against the proposed new law is welcomed at the public hearing at the GV City Council meeting to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 6 at City Hall located at 6060 S. Quebec Street. Anyone who wishes to submit written comments in lieu of testifying at that meeting should contact Susan Ortiz, Greenwood Village City Clerk at 303-486-5752 or sortiz@greenwoodvillage.com.

The city law that is proposed to be changed, GV Municipal Code Section 16-22-130, Section 1, (a)(16), with the new language shown in bold print, can be read at: https://greenwoodvillage.com/DocumentCenter/View/22892/Ordinance-No-07-22.