Greenwood Village will have a competitive election in November


Although candidates have until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 23 to turn in their petitions with at least 20 valid signatures to be a candidate for Greenwood Village City Council, it is already clear as of August 16 that there will be competitive elections in at least three of GV’s four city council districts this November. Two incumbents, Jerry Presley in city council district one, who has served six terms, and Tom Dougherty in city council district four, who has served two terms, are eligible for re-election but have chosen not to run again.

Some of the issues that new candidates have named as motivating them to seek office are increased transparency through video-recording city council meetings and holding regular town hall meetings, expanded citizen-led committees to provide input to council on policy and capital improvements, and a commitment to sustainability through water conservation, the use of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and a focus on bike trails, pedestrian mobility, and making use of the city’s two light rail stations. At least one new candidate has also raised the issue of term limits. Two incumbent council members, Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber, both serving in district two, are running for their seventh terms of office. Ingebretsen was first elected in 1999 and Kerber began serving in 2003.

After the nomination process is complete, The Villager will bring you information on all the candidates running for election to the GV City Council.

Stay tuned.