Greenwood Village names sole owner of The Crossings at High Line Canal


In the staff report for its meeting on December 5, the Greenwood Village City Council identified Andrew Reberry as the sole individual who controls HOA, LLC, the company that owns all the property in the Harrison Oaks Metropolitan District (HOMD), now known as The Crossings at High Line Canal in Greenwood Village. 

In 2016, an approximately 30-acre parcel of land bound by Belleview on the north and Colorado Boulevard on the east that was owned by the Magness family, was subdivided into 11 residential lots ranging from 2.5 acres to 3.6 acres, in a planned unit development. The property, bifurcated by the High Line Canal and Trail (HLC), had long been zoned residential but was undeveloped and untouched, appearing to be open space. Complicating matters was the fact that there were no public streets connected to the six lots on the south half of the property, as is required by state law for residential property. 

After discussions between the city and neighbors that lasted over a year, it was agreed that the best way to access the south half of the property was to build an at-grade bridge over the HLC.

Koelbel and Company was retained by the owners to develop and market the residential lots. Over the next few years, utilities were installed and landscaping was placed along Belleview Avenue to shield the new development from the busy traffic there. 

Marketing efforts were commenced, but, before any individual lots were sold, HOA, LLC purchased the six lots on the south side in one transaction on January 21, 2020 for $8,125,000. Ten months later, HOA, LLC purchased the remaining five lots for an additional $5,000,000. Until December 5, 2022, Mr. Reberry’s identity as the sole owner of HOA, LLC was not publicly disclosed. 

A search of social media named Reberry as the co-founder of TurnCommerce, Inc. a domain investment company and web development/online media company that “owns over 3,000,000 domain names such as,,,, and” According to his Linked In profile, he graduated from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business with a B.S. in Information Systems in 2001. Mr. Reberry has not stated publicly what his plans are for the property.

The metro district was formed in 2017, after being approved by the Greenwood Village City Council, to act in place of a homeowners’ association, to take care of the maintenance of common areas, public trails, and drainage ways in the development. HOMD was not intended to, nor authorized by the GV City Council to pay for public improvements, including roads and infrastructure for the development, as is often done by metro districts.

Nevertheless, the HOMD was and is required to follow Colorado’s strict laws for metro districts, one of which is to maintain a board of directors that adopts the district’s annual budget and mill levy certification. In May, an election was held appointing Reberry as the sole member of the HOMD board of directors but the election was not strictly legal, due to a technicality.

State law provides that a city that originally approved the formation of a metro district can appoint its board of directors if the district fails to do so in the manner prescribed by law. By passing GV Resolution 42-22 appointing Mr. Reberry to the HOMD board, the GV City Council was able to legitimize his position as the sole board member, so, on December 5, that is what they did. The motion to do so was proposed by Council Member Paul Wiesner, who represents GV district one, in which The Crossings at High Line Canal is located.