Greenwood Village hosts public safety open house


On August 2, in connection with National Night Out, a program of law enforcement throughout the country where they mix and mingle with the community, Greenwood Village hosted its annual Public Safety Open House.

The Villager spoke to GVPD officers at the event who emphasized the increasing role of technology in the successful and safe performance of their duties. 

Detective Tom Fanta explained how a drone is sent in ahead of a SWAT Team in a high-risk situation so that it can precisely locate a perpetrator before officers go in to apprehend the person. He told us that a commercial drone pilot’s license issued by the FAA is required for any officer who operates these drones.

Sergeant Mike Lobach told us that shields have become increasingly important in law enforcement because, “We (GVPD) aren’t an aggressive force. We have to absorb initial force.” “For example,” he said, “We recover stolen vehicles every day and we don’t necessarily know if someone is inside when we approach the vehicle.”