Are we surprised at the outrageous behavior of Jeffrey Epstein and those with whom he was associated?  Many corporate, political, religious, and community leaders are having a meltdown due to the exposure of names in the annuls of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail and child trafficking conglomerate. The promise of anonymity and secrecy for vile behavior eventually gets exposed no matter who you are, how powerful, or how much money you have. Truth is like a ball trying to stay underwater. Handlers are usually able to cover up and keep the ball underwater for a season, but the ball eventually surfaces.  

The sexual revolution was in full bloom way before Jeffrey Epstein’s adolescence or the establishment of his international blackmailing business schemes. The social norm of casual, recreational, and opportunistic sex has been part of the global cultural landscape for a few generations.  

It was Alfred Kinsey Ph.D., a zoologist, who ushered his reckless fascination with sexual practices into the public ethos. When Kinsey published his books, The Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948 and The Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953, he turned middle-class values upside down. Kinsey proclaimed that many traditionally forbidden sexual practices were surprisingly commonplace. Kinsey opined that pre-marital sex, extramarital affairs and children being involved in sexual practices were biologically “normal” and hurt no one. Therefore, people should act on their impulses with no inhibition or guilt. These sentiments were echoed and embraced by the national media, magazines, television shows, the movie industry, and even the educational establishment.  Sexuality education was developed in the late 60s based on Kinsey’s philosophy that all sex is good, and we must seek to reduce consequences rather than attempt to change behaviors. After all, it is just sex, what is the big deal?

Kinsey’s philosophy has had a profoundly negative impact on women and children, weakening legal protection from sexual abuse and falsely portraying “sexual liberation” as a positive social construct. This ideology was the precursor to incredible increases in divorce, non-marital childbearing, father absence, sexually transmitted diseases, physical abuse of women and children, and the outrageous behavior of rich and powerful people like Jeffrey Epstein. Perhaps Kinsey, a zoologist, and a social science charlatan should have stuck to his study of animals rather than deconstructing an entire country of any sexual restraint.  

While all this pleasure-seeking was in full swing, many young hearts were broken. Using individuals solely for pleasure is despicable, yet we have tolerated it for generations. Young people are saturated with sexual messages in the media, on social platforms, in movies, in music, and even in their health classes.  Perhaps we should teach students how to develop and maintain healthy relationships, value who they are, set behavioral boundaries, nurture habits of self-regulation, dignity, and respect for themselves and others and connect sexual expression to commitment, loyalty, love, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, and family formation. Now that the list has dropped, the perpetrators will be scattering for cover similar to bugs when the light is turned on.