FOR THE LOVE OF RELATIONSHIPS – Honoring our humanity

Human, unlike animals, are at the top of the food chain. We are capable of reasoning, persuasion, complex communication, speech, intelligence, decision making, conflict resolution, love, loyalty, character, creative problem solving, managing time, relationships, emotions, and finances.

Everyone has their own unique set of beliefs and opinions. Humans can be builders or destroyers, givers, or takers. Each person has the capability to live their lives the way they want, go anywhere, and make choices for themselves.  Humans have the will to live, thrive, hope and love which makes us distinct from any other life form.  Searching for meaning and purpose is a human characteristic which increases our well-being and makes life satisfying.

What it means to be human brings up the contrasts of what a human is not. We know we are not wild pack animals. We have the ability to reject the social norms and pressures to do or say things we know are hurtful or destructive. We have the ability to self-regulate and resist temptations.

Many of us are animal lovers and we know that pets gives unconditional love and bonds with their caretakers and owner. Would any of us think that even though our pets truly are part of our family, that humans are equal to dogs and cats, turtles, or goldfish? They look to us to feed, shelter and play with them. We do not look to them to take care of us. 

Other  characteristics that makes us uniquely human are the ability to overcome obstacles, continuously adapt and change. People can live through intense pain, suffering, and illness with the love and support of others. With the will to survive and to continue to live and have a future, individuals can overcome impossible feats. We as humans are complicated beings that are capable of infinite number of accomplishments. Our capacity to influence, motivate, and help each other and ourselves, is an aspect that makes us exceptional. Humans possess the distinct ability to set goals, dream, and work toward goals with strategy, forethought, and planning. Thankfulness, gratitude, and legacy building also are unique only to humans.

One of the most amazing traits that makes humans human is the ability to cry. Tears of emotion are distinctly human. In a study, it was noted that tears of joy have different biochemical properties than tears of sadness or fear.  That is incredible!

Some things that dehumanize us are violence, pornography, using/abusing others, destroying people or property, stealing, hating, rather than caring, building and encouraging.

Let us celebrate our humanity by honoring it. We honor it by giving, sharing, being kind, having integrity, working hard, being thankful, using our intellect and skills to solve complex challenges, asking for what we need, building prosocial connections, making healthy decisions, overcoming obstacles, and assisting others to do the same. We honor our humanity by valuing life in all its forms and celebrating every breath we take.