Follow up on the 2023 Joint Budget Committee


With the unexpected resignation of state Sen. Bob Rankin (R) of Carbondale, the longest serving member of the general assembly’s Joint Budget Committee, state Sen. Barb Kirkmeyer (R) of Weld County, who received 1,632 votes less than her Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep-Elect Yadira Caravejo, out of 236,402 votes cast in the election for Colorado’s new Congressional District Eight, has been named to replace Rankin on the JBC.

The Villager would also like to correct an item from last week. On page 21 of our December 8 issue, we identified state Sen. Jeff Bridges as a member of the GOP. Anyone familiar with Sen. Bridges or his family history would have recognized that as being incorrect. Sen. Bridges is and has always been a member of the Democratic party and The Villager regrets the error.