Colorado Realtor/Entrepreneur to appear on “The Blox” Reality Show 

Amber Pleiss a dynamic and purpose-driven entrepreneur is set to showcase her skills beyond the real estate world as she competes in the upcoming “The Blox” Reality Show February 20th  to  26th in Tulsa.

Amber Pleiss Founder and CEO of Pleiss Realty & Associates,  a seasoned real estate entrepreneur for over 20 years was chosen from thousands of applicants nationwide to be part of a popular reality TV show that’s filming in Tulsa, OK  this month. “The Blox”, gives participants a chance to learn business from the best while competing for startup money and a lifeline to coaching and potential investors. Amber along with other contestants will spend Feb. 20-26 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, participating in informative sessions, business classes and practical application challenges where contestants must show the judges their innovation, creativity and drive.

Growing up by the expansive Pacific Ocean prior to moving to Colorado in 2003, Amber learned the values of resilience and resourcefulness that have been instrumental in shaping her remarkable journey in the real estate industry. Over the past twenty years she has mastered negotiation tactics as well as cultivated the art of building communities. Her commitment to empowering others is evident through her volunteer work with local shelters, charities and the initiatives for financial literacy she continues to spearhead.

“The Blox” can be watched on an array of streaming platforms— or the “BetaBlox” Facebook page.