CHV Finance Director Jessica Sager takes her leave


Outgoing Finance Director Jessica Sager was presented with an award as a token of appreciation for her service to Cherry Hills Village. From left to right, CHV City Council Member Randy Weil, Mayor Pro Tem Katy Brown, Mayor Russell Stewart, Jessica Sager, CHV City Council Members Al Blum and Mike Gallagher, and City Manager Chris Cramer.

On May 17, Cherry Hills Village Finance Director Jessica Sager, who also served as editor of the city’s monthly newsletter, The Villager Crier, said goodbye to the city council and staff. She is moving to Rock Island, Illinois, where she has already been hired as the city’s finance director.

Jessica began her career at CHV in July 2005 as a police records clerk, later moving on to the position of municipal court clerk, where she stayed until June 2014. She next took on the responsibility of accounting clerk while completing her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She led the effort that resulted in CHV being awarded its first GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) distinguished budget presentation award, which it has received every year since.  Jessica moved up to become the city’s director of finance and administration in June 2018. In addition to her other duties, Jessica led the transition to CHV streaming and video-recording its council meetings and study sessions. 

Mayor Stewart said, “Her dedication, impeccable customer service, cheerfulness, and commitment to improving the city are unwavering. We are all very grateful for her 17 years of service, as well as the six months notice she gave us before leaving. Mayor Pro Tem Katy Brown told Jessica, “I feel like you have elevated everything you have touched, whether it is the budget, the GFOA award, events, The Crier…Someone out there is going to be very lucky to get you on their team.” The city manager pointed to the fact that all the city audits that have been done since Jessica has been in charge have resulted in “a clean bill of health every single time.” He also pointed to her “tireless” efforts in preparing CHV’s long-range financial plan documents.