CHV engages its residents to provide input for its Master Plan


Back in January 2020, the City of Cherry Hills Village decided to form a citizens’ task force to guide the process of updating its Master Plan. Back in January 2020, the City of Cherry Hills Village voted to form a citizen task force to guide the process of updating that plan. On February 4, 2020, the city council voted to retain an outside consultant for $136,000 to manage this process. The responsibilities of the consultant, RICK Engineering Company, were to conduct three community-wide meetings with the city’s planning and zoning commission (P&Z), conduct a multi-faceted public outreach program, including the hosting and administration of a project webpage, draft the final master plan document, and meet with P&Z and City Council for the final plan approval. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything was put on hold. 

The effort to update CHV’s Master Plan began again in earnest in July 2021. Community outreach was initiated immediately and will be an ongoing part of the project until the final report is delivered. 

This display board drew lots of input from CHV residents for the city’s Master Plan.

This past September 29, CHV held the first of three planned community open house events at its city hall that included large boards that described how community vision and community character are incorporated into the city’s Master Plan. Display boards for residents to share their opinions in the areas of environmental sustainability, lighting, public art, and even local streets drew dozens of responses on square yellow post-its from residents. A separate display board about land use asking whether residents would like to see “other types of housing besides traditional, single-family detached housing” and “additional commercial land uses” in CHV also drew multiple responses from residents. Another board asked residents’ views on traffic and their ideas for improving the experience of walking, biking and riding horses in CHV. 

This board for comments from CHV the residents asks questions about potential housing for seniors and young families.

Following that open house, CHV posted a questionnaire on its website asking residents who may not have been able to attend the open house 25 questions, with photo illustrations, about what they value in their city. The survey, which only takes five minutes to complete, will be available on CHV’s website for all its residents until the end of November and can be accessed by The final report of the update to CHV’s Master Plan is expected to be completed in September 2022.