Cherry Hills Village Police Foundation’s mission to is serve those who protect


Earlier this year, Mark Griffin, a former CHV city council member, announced the formation of the Cherry Hills Village Police Foundation. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that is entirely independent from CHV city government. Its goal is to provide “vital resources and critical support to the CHV Police Department.”

Griffin said, “When I was on the CHV city council, I was the liaison to the police department and rode with them on a regular basis. I saw firsthand what they go through, especially at night. Being familiar with the Denver 100, an outside group that pledges money to support Denver’s police department, I knew that I wanted to do the same for our officers in CHV. I got a lot of help from the folks at the Greenwood Village Police Foundation in getting our foundation organized and off the ground. I especially want to acknowledge Tom Dougherty and Bill Mahaffey of the Lewis Roca law firm for their invaluable assistance.”  He continued, “This foundation’s sole purpose is to help our CHV police department with the necessities to ensure their health, safety, and well-being. That support will include educational programs, scholarships, equipment, and assistance to the personnel and the families of the CHV police department. Although completely separate from CHV itself, we will work closely with CHV police department and its chief, Michelle Tovrea, to help individuals and the police department, the people who keep us safe. This has been a collaborative effort of many individuals…I would like to thank Chief Tovrea for her extensive help and support, to include her artistic talent in designing our logo and challenge coin.”

Griffin noted that CHV Mayor Russell Stewart “has kindly offered to be our first donor and we gratefully accepted.” Our mission has been accomplished and now our real work will begin. 

When the program was announced at a recent city council meeting, Chief Tovrea was asked by Councilmember Dan Sheldon what she envisioned donations from the foundation being utilized for. She said, “We’ve had anonymous donations before that we’ve used for ballistic vests. I’d like to make sure each officer has one, along with a ballistic helmet. We will have to purchase body cameras in 2022 and we will also need technology to go with it so I’ve put aside some money we received as an anonymous donation to use for those. We can always use more education programs. I will be talking to Chief Dustin Varney at Greenwood Village and get more information from him as to how they use their funds.”

To donate to this very worthy cause, simply go to and follow the instructions. Or, you can reach out to Mark Griffin directly at 303-324-0965. Any way you choose to help, your support will be welcomed.