Cherry Creek Education Association announces endorsements for 2021 Board of Education race

Union endorses pro-public education candidates 

Submitted by Frank Valdez
Colorado Education Association

As the Cherry Creek School Board election draws near, the Cherry Creek Education Association (CCEA) announces the endorsement of two candidates for this fall:  Kristin Allan in District E and incumbent Kelly Bates in District D. The CCEA executive committee voted to endorse the candidates in June.

“This year, we were really intentional about the types of candidates we were going to endorse,” said Kasey Ellis, middle school science teacher and president of the Cherry Creek Education Association. “We were looking for individuals whose values align with ours: equity, funding, diversity, and elevating educators’ voices. Kristin’s and Kelly’s values align with ours and that’s why we are proud to endorse them.”

Kristin Allan is a parent with two elementary school-aged children in the district. She has been active on the Cherry Creek School District Accountability Committee, which advises the district on district-wide spending priorities, reviews applications for charter schools, and reports on the effectiveness of district programs. 

Kelly Bates is the current Vice President of the Cherry Creek School District Board of Education. First elected in 2017, Kelly has been deeply involved in committees on the board, working with parents and district leadership alike. Prior to her tenure on the board, Kelly volunteered as a parent in many capacities across the district. 

“There are many challenges this district will face over the next couple of years and electing pro-public education, pro-union candidates will help move us in a direction that will ultimately benefit students,” said Ellis. “Kelly and Kristin’s deep involvement and commitment to the students of this district are what we need going forward and the 2,700+ members of the Cherry Creek Education Association are proud to be with them.”