Centennial adopts Electric Vehicle action plan to accomplish city and state goals

The City of Centennial is implementing an  Electric Vehicle Action Plan stemming from Xcel Energy Partners in Energy program participation, further demonstrating the City’s commitment to sustainability and advancement of clean energy goals. The newly developed plan, serving as a strategic roadmap, helps guide the City’s readiness to support the rising use of electric vehicles (EVs).”The enactment of this plan illustrates the City’s commitment to creating a resilient future for our residents and businesses. Working with Xcel Energy Partners in Energy has allowed Centennial to educate our community and implement energy efficiencies within the City,” says Centennial Mayor Stephanie Piko. “The implementation of this new Electric Vehicle Action Plan is an important first step in planning for a portion of the infrastructure that is new and has unique requirements, not only for the City but for citizens, businesses and utility providers.”

The Electric Vehicle Action Plan focuses on building a community-wide commitment to electrifying transportation throughout Centennial. Goals and strategies within the plan include individual EV adoption and municipal fleet electrification, increased access to public EV charging stations, and fusing EV-ready infrastructure requirements in the City’s municipal code.The plan aims to increase EVs in Centennial zip codes from a 2020 baseline of 2,000 to 18,000 by 2030. This goal serves Centennial’s contribution toward the state’s target of 940,000 EVs by 2030 as part of the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan 2020. “Our Colorado Transportation Electrification Plan aligns with Colorado’s goal of putting 940,000 EVs on the roads by 2030,” said area manager Tom Henley. “

Our EV initiatives will not only benefit EV drivers, but all customers and the state, by reducing carbon emissions and delivering cleaner air for everyone. We’re proud to support the City of Centennial through our Partners in Energy program and look forward to working with them as they implement their new Electric Vehicle Action Plan.” Additional information, including resources, may be found on the City’s website by visiting centennialco.gov/

To learn more about Xcel Energy Partners in Energy, visit xcelenergycommunities.com.