CCSD Board of Education is neglecting the education of our children

It is happening in plain sight, and no one is paying attention. The Cherry Creek School District Board of Education is actively negligent in its primary responsibility—the education of our children. During the September 11, 2023 board meeting, Norm Alerta reviewed the district’s 2023 CMAS test scores. They are shocking. Only, 49.7% of our students met basic expectations in English Language Arts, and a scant 39.9% of our students met basic expectations in Math. Surprisingly, there was little or no improvement from the 2021-2022 school year to the 2022-2023 school year – a post COVID year where students were in school full time and without interruption.

Upon hearing these results, not one of the five board members, nor the superintendent, asked what immediate measures are being taken to reverse this frightening trend. Rather, all were quick to point out this test is only one measure of student success, while at the same time admitting it is the only true measure upon which we can rely.

The Cherry Creek School District has prided itself as “Dedicated to Excellence” for over 70 years. The ball has been dropped, and our children are suffering. Of Colorado’s 10 top-performing schools, only one was in the Cherry Creek School District (Challenge School). We no longer have the highest achieving students, and it is time to refocus on education. 

As a retired dean, teacher, parent, and grandparent in the Cherry Creek School District, I support Steve McKenna and Scott Graves for the Board of Education. These candidates are focused on student achievement.

Ann Moore