Campus Middle School introduces its newest club – Young Business Leaders

Arushi Kumar, Shiven Saxena, Sami-ul Ahmed, Joshua Zhou, Katie Le, Shrey Agarwal, Abhi Kasu, Rithvik Ijju, Neil Patel, Charlie Schneider, Daniel Zhou, Tatum Balcaen, Deeksha Amarala, Maria Tanugundla, Dasha Osovskaya, Katie Chen, and Brooke McKenna

Submitted by Chloe Parish

Campus Middle School is excited to introduce its newest club – Young Business Leaders.Run by Cherry Creek High School’s Future Business Leaders of America students, the club focuses on educating youth about the American Enterprise system. Since starting in January, the club has grown to include twenty two 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  The idea of the club came from a notice of the lack of previous business knowledge not only from middle school students but also students from Cherry Creek High School. 

FBLA Influencer Group: Brooke Mckenna, Maria Tanugundla, Tian Zhou, Katie Chen

According to Chloe Parish, one of the high school students who came up with the idea of the club, “The purpose of the club is to develop an understanding of the business and each individual’s role in the economy.” The high school students conducted a survey amongst peers, asking about current and previous economic knowledge. From this survey, we gathered that amongst the students that were surveyed, around 86.3% of the students had not learned any type of business from their middle school while 97.5% of the students did not know what the American Enterprise System was at all. After identifying a problem that was in our community, they  needed to find the best way to address the financial illiteracy that was faced by our youth.

FBLA Data: Shiven Saxena, Rithvik Ijju, Josh Zhou, Charlie Schneider, Abhi Kasu, Shrey Agarwal, and Sami-ul Ahmed

The survey that was given to the students also determined that Campus middle school was the best option as they had their lowest scores and are very close to the high school. Nick Edwards, the activities director from Campus Middle, has experienced the club and the high school students firsthand and quotes “I think it is great to see a student-initiated, grassroots push for earlier education around business concepts, topics, and case studies. I believe this club is testament to the power of young students’ ability to share their knowledge and leadership with others! I am very grateful to the CCHS FBLA students who have given their time and energy to this endeavor.” As far as the clubs impact, Edwards says “ I think the first meeting is indication enough of impact, more than 35 eager, wide-eyed middle schoolers showing up ready with their questions and curiosities. It is obvious students have a yearning for this type of content, experience, and community – I am supremely overjoyed to see this club succeeding and am hopeful for the club’s continued longevity in the years ahead.” A main goal of the club is longevity and growth. The high school students are still finding ways to improve their club such as, implementing new teaching methods, involving parents and community members, and inviting guest speakers. Although this is the first year that the club is running, Young Business Leaders is a promising club that will help our youth and our future.