Bone Health – Calcium May Not Be Enough! (Part 2 of 2)

[Addendum to “How To Grow Healthy Bones”]

In Part 1 of this 2-Part article, I shared that for decades, the Clinical Nutrition Analysis of Laboratory Reports, testing new client biochemistry for those who regularly consume Calcium supplements, has revealed that many still have a Calcium imbalance (deficiency or excess) and/or Calcium-related health challenges, due to one or more of seven (7) biochemical factors. 

FACTORS #1 TO #3:  In Part 1, I listed all seven factors and expounded upon Factors #1 to #3 which are:  1) Taking too much or too little Calcium, 2) Taking the wrong type of Calcium for their biochemistry (there are 250,000 types of Calcium), and 3) Taking the wrong type of Calcium when their diet is either too acid or alkaline.  In Part 2 of this article, I will expound on Factors #4 to #7 of the seven primary biochemical factors.

FACTORS #4 TO #7 are:  4) The inability to metabolize Calcium, 5) Imbalances in other vitamins/minerals that affect Calcium, 6) Parathyroid dysfunction, and/or 7) Mental, Emotional and/or Physical Stress.  So, let’s take a closer look as to why… 

#4 to #5 – Even when taking the right Calcium, Calcium imbalances occur when unable to metabolize Calcium to transport it into the cells/tissues.  

Calcium metabolism requires the sufficiency of certain vitamins and minerals, to name a few:  Vitamin D is required to transport Calcium from the Gut to the Blood; Vitamin F to transport Calcium from the Blood to the Tissue AND specific Minerals, along with their correct ratios are required, such as the Calcium to Potassium or Calcium to Phosphorus ratios.  Otherwise, too much Potassium prevents Calcium absorption, and too little Phosphorus forces Calcium out of the body, and so on.

 Sufficiency and ratio balance of Calcium-related nutrients are also essential for optimal Calcium levels.  Ex:  one of the causes of Vitamin D deficiency is too much Vitamin F.   So, Vitamin D deficiency and/or excessive amount of Vitamin F can cause a Calcium imbalance.  

#6 – The parathyroid glands control the amount of Calcium in your bones.  Therefore, a parathyroid dysfunction leads to a decrease in bone turnover.   When hypo-parathyroid, you lack muscle Calcium, leading to Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis; when hyper-parathyroid, you have too much old tissue Calcium, which also causes Osteoarthritis.

#7 – Calcium is a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system, so Calcium is rapidly depleted when under stress.  Therefore, Stress requires monitoring Homeostasis test values to maintain optimal Calcium replenishment. 

After reading the above, you may be thinking “Wow, Nutritional Biochemistry is quite complicated!”  And you would be right!  This is why guessing, rather than testing, for which Calcium and/or other supplements you need, causes more health challenges.

Optimal Bone Health means your test results are in Homeostasis for Calcium, Calcium-related nutrients, the 7 Factors affecting calcium balance, and parathyroid gland function.  Homeostasis lab ranges are identified by a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Laboratory Reports from testing your biochemistry, specifically, blood, hair, and saliva hormones.  Whereas the ranges on the Laboratory Report itself represent life-threatening and/or disease states.

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In closing, this 2-Part article is an addendum to “How To Grow New Healthy Bones! [Bone Resorption Urine Test – Safe, Effective & Radiation-Free]” The Villager, 05/19/22, Pages 30 & 32, if you have not already read this article, please do so.  

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