Better Than Anti-Aging is Age Reversal by Growing New Stem Cells! (Part 2 of 2)

[Verified by Nobel Prize Winners]

In Part 1 of this 2-Part series that was published in The Villager on 03/24/22, Page 17, I asked if you could reverse your biological age, would you want to know about it, as I did?  Then I defined Stem Cells and Telomeres and shared Nobel Prize-winning research on the role of both in age reversal, age-related diseases, and longevity.  

Now, in Part 2, I will share how you can help your body grow its own stem cells and thereby, grow longer Telomeres, so you too may live longer and live well.  And when you do, you can see it!  

1) Internally, you see it from your tests showing a younger, biological age and longer Telomeres.  These tests are your scientific proof that you are reversing your aging process.  [In Part 1, I defined your chronological and biological age difference.] 

2) Externally, you see it from the new growth of healthy and yes, “younger-looking” skin, hair, nails, accompanied by improved overall health with increased physical strength and mental clarity.  

20 SCIENTISTS:  Parallel, you might say, to the research by the five Nobel Prize winners discussed in Part 1, was another research study by a group of 20 scientists.  They were commissioned after WWII to discover the causes and solutions to aging and age-related diseases. 

THREE SIGNIFICANT OUTCOMES came from their research:  1) Discovering that “inflammation” is the root cause of aging and disease, 2) Identifying the specific plants that God made to provide the nutrients the body requires to grow (regenerate) its own stem cells, and 3) THE SOLUTION:  These scientists then developed a plant-source nutritional supplement based on Outcomes 1) and 2).  [Note:  In “The Five Stages to Health and Disease!” The Villager, 09/09/2021, Page 5, I shared the causes of inflammation; e.g., Stage 2, 3 & 4.]

I refer to this nutritional supplement as “Stem Cell Therapy” because of its clinical nutrition therapeutic effects from providing the nutrients the body requires to grow its own stem cells, restoring health and growing longer Telomeres. 

3RD PARTY VERIFICATION:  The above health benefits (or effects) from nutritional supplement was scientifically proven by an independent, 3rd party Laboratory.  This Lab’s team included three of the five Nobel Prize winners mentioned in Part 1 of this article, who verified the health restorative quotient and age reversal results of this nutritional supplement, including growing longer Telomeres.

AGE REVERSAL BY 5-30 YEARS:  To date, the measured age-reversal effect on biological age from the Lab’s testing is 5-30 years.  Tests show a 70-year-old’s biological (bio) age was 40 – an age-reversal of 30 years; a 66-year-old’s bio-age was 48 years; a 53-year-old’s bio-age was 37 years; a 39-year-old’s bio-age was 30 years; a 30-year-old’s bio-age was 25 years and so on.  

Because of the amazing “therapeutic” effects mentioned above, I originally considered our Stem Cell Therapy was for “therapeutic use” only.  However, due to my clinical observations while monitoring my successful results and that of both, our Therapeutic and Maintenance Clients, my evaluation now is that our Stem Cell Therapy is safe and effective for both therapeutic and health maintenance uses.  

Therefore, our Stem Cell Therapy is now available for purchase by simply calling my office for more information. 


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