Beautiful and Healthy Skin – A 2-Step Process (Part 2 of 2)

[Facts About Causes of Thick, Leathery Skin & Skin Cancer!]

Today, I report that “No,” it is not over-exposure to the sun that causes thick, leathery skin and there is another high-risk cause for skin cancer from over-exposure, besides UV rays.  Their causes and a 2-Part Healing Process and Solution to restoring the health of the skin are the topics of Part 2 of this 2-Part article.

The topic of Part 1, published 04/27/23, was growing new skin cells to replace damaged skin using our skin-regenerating ointment that provides results within days to a few weeks.  Signs of unhealthy, damaged, and/or deteriorating skin cells are acne, pimples, white- and black-heads, rashes, moles, warts (including senile, plantar, and genital warts), skin tags, skin cancers, diabetic sores, swelling (like edema), severe burns, aging wrinkles, and other skin-related sores and pigment discolorations, as well as numbness of the skin.  

EXTERNAL CAUSES of skin conditions due to injuries (burns, road rash, scrapes, etc.) require only “outside” daily application of our skin-regenerating ointment and up to three weeks after the skin’s surface heals to allow nutrients to go deeper into the affected skin’s layers and pores, which cannot happen until the skin’s surface is healed.  

INTERNAL CAUSES of skin conditions, however, can be from any toxin, including excess hormones, fungus or other germs, particles of inflammatory tissue, dead or decaying cells, or any substance that would be harmful if remaining “inside” the body.  The Skin is the largest organ, so its head-to-feet pores make it easier to remove toxins when the primary elimination or detoxification organs are dysfunctional, i.e., the liver, kidneys and colon.

THE 2-STEP SKIN HEALING PROCESS for internal causes means working from the “inside out and outside in,” i.e., address skin causes for both 1) the “inside” and 2) the “outside” of the body, preferably simultaneously. Why?  Because “inside,” the body will continue using the skin as a detoxification pathway until you have improved the function of its primary detoxification organs, so toxins can be eliminated through them, instead of being re-routed out of the skin.

Ever thought you healed a skin condition and then it “appeared” to come back?  Many skin products do not provide skin-healing nutrients, they just clog pores so toxins cannot surface and damage the skin.  However, once the skin can unclog its pores, toxins start resurfacing again giving the “appearance” that the skin condition is back; the fact is, its cause never left.  

Your body is constantly working to remove embedded toxins from organ (or gland) tissues, otherwise, in time, these poisons become a cause for disease in that organ.  So, every time the body is able to produce energy again to push more toxins through the skin’s pores, skin eruptions will keep resurfacing, that is, until you apply the 2-Step Healing Solution below to correct the “internal” causes.  

The 2-Step Solution to restore the health of the skin is 1) Clinical Nutrition Therapy to correct the “internal” causes and 2) our ointment “externally” to unclog the pores and open the skin’s micro-circulation so your blood, now full of skin-rich nutrients, can get to the surface of the skin to protect and regenerate (grow new) skin cells to replace those damaged from the toxins.  

In closing, to develop thick, leathery skin when in the sun a lot, you must first have a deficiency in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PFA), and if PFA levels are not restored, in time, this may lead to sunstrokes, hives, and high blood calcium levels with low tissue calcium levels, which adversely affects bones and joints, just to name a few.  And skin cancer?  Over-exposure is not the only sun-related cause, extreme exposure results in developing “excessive amounts of Vitamin D” which increases the risk of skin, prostate and blood cancers.  

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