BARBWIRE BOB – Ramblin’ around the corral with Bob Sweeney


I’m a lifelong Bronco fan through the good times and bad times.

We’re going through a bad time right now and Sunday’s loss was a heartbreaker for fans.  It is interesting to note that the spread on the game was 10 1/2 points so fans betting on Denver won the money but lost the game.

   When Vic Fangio came on board I thought it was a poor choice. Today, I think he did a pretty good job.  The Broncos had the top-rated Chiefs defeated Sunday and a fluke play lost the game.  I also think the offensive coordinator should be fired for kicking the field goal on a fourth down on the seven-yard line. Even if the Broncos didn’t score they would have had the Chiefs pinned down and if the defense could hold them, we might have scored again.  Fangio’s specialty has been defense and they have been playing well.  The offense has been the challenge and I was cheering for QB Lock on Sunday as he played the best game of his career here in Denver.   The Broncos may keep him as the backup quarterback or maybe give him the starting  job.  He seems to be able to release passes faster and run well with the ball.  Bridgewater, who was a fan favorite with a great attitude, appears to be too fragile going forward.

Money and salary caps have a great deal to do with pro-sports.     Major decisions will be made to bring  Aaron Rogers or Russell Wilson to Denver;  expensive, and only a short time fix for these aging football greats.  It worked with Manning; can it work again?  Will possible new owners spend the money to obtain a veteran football star?

This may be the year that the Broncos say “goodbye” to the Bowlen family that have mentored and nurtured the Bronco team to three Super Bowls and made them a world class team in Denver.

Fangio had the team rolling for the last game of the year; a good coach would have had them rolling for the first game. The Broncos did however win the first three games.  What happened?

I love the Broncos; Sunday’s game was wonderful until the fluke fumble at the end of the game.  

It is hard to win at anything with just plain bad luck.