The highlight of this Labor Day weekend was watching the CU/TCU football classic Sat. Morning. “Coach Prime” lived up to his reputation and the CU’s winning score, 45-42 will go down in college sports history as a revival of The University of Colorado football program.  The team will host perennial rival Nebraska at home this coming Sat. and every ticket will be sold out.

Once again CU will regain national prominence in football and no doubt other sports will benefit from what appears to be a fantastic turn of events and shows the power and influence of coaching.

Cherry Creek football is another lesson in hiring a stellar coach with Dave Logan winning five state Class 5 Championships. Bottom line is that leadership and skill does matter.  We should seek more leaders in all parts of our lives; medicine, teaching, elected officials, law enforcement, and business.

Sometimes we need to pay more for quality, because excellence is worth the cost.  The challenge today seems to do more with less.  I greatly enjoyed reading Michael Mazenko’s column in last week’s Villager where he addresses the issue of excellence. Michael came our way because Villager scribe Freda Miklin once told me that he was the best teacher her sons ever had at Cherry Creek high School.  I really enjoy all his reflective and brilliant columns and hope that you too, enjoy his skillful thought process and excellent word-smithing.  

Writing about excellence Freda. Miklin did a superior job of covering the Littleton public schools opening of the EPIC Campus, located adjacent to the high school.  EPIC means “Explorative Pathways for Innovative Careers.’’

The new school can accommodate 800 students with college level innovative  technical education and career focused learning.  Great new school and wonderful reporting by our prize-winning senior reporter.  She recently won some more Colorado Press writing awards to be received later this month at CPA Convention.


A reminder that this is Littleton Restaurant Week, Sept. 8-17, with a cornucopia of food outlets hosting the event.   Historic Littleton is making quite a good comeback with many exciting culinary venues.  See the list of food outlets in this week’s Villager and enjoy a night out in one of Arapahoe County’s premier cities.

My daughter Susan and I stopped by the new Cherry Cricket restaurant on Littleton Blvd. last week and met Pierre, the general manager.  He was very cordial and the new restaurant has an outstanding ambience and was busy with a large outdoor patio.

The new restaurant with sister restaurants in the DTC, and Cherry Creek, features the “Burger of the Month,” called the “Cricket Royale,” that has one-half lb. burger topped with Swiss cheese, duxelles,  grilled onion, fried onions, topped with black pepper garlic aioli, and roasted garlic onion jam all on a pretzel bun, served with a pickle spear and fries.