BARBWIRE BOB – 9-21-23


I love Saturdays; this past weekend was a football dream, or nightmare. I’m a CSU graduate and always like to see them compete against CU. Many years ago when I was a senior at CSU the Glick led team went down to CU and drubbed the Buffaloes. Gary Glick was the star and went on to play professional football along with his brother Freddy. I have four children, two went to CU and two went to CSU, a split on cheering for the two teams.
I’m sorry that the Rams got carried away with penalties, deliberate or accidental; they were fired up. I’m not sorry they lost the game because that would have really destroyed the CU Buffaloes claim to fame with coach Prime and his son. CU has the makings of a championship season and a loss to Colorado State would have created havoc with their ratings. It was an all-time historic game to watch, right to the last seconds. Overall, I think the state won with the national publicity that broke all records for national coverage. CSU fought hard.

I was emotionally distressed over the Bronco game on Sunday afternoon. It looked like the Broncos were for real, jumping out to a 21-3 early lead. The second half turned out to be a disaster and the result was another close game loss. The last minute “Hail Mary” might save some jobs, but now at 0-2 it really is looking bad for the team, the coach, and the season. Hope springs eternal and Russell Wilson can still heave the ball a long way, but his scrambling has something to be desired. This may be his last hurrah, but he does play better than last year. He needs some better protection from the offensive line; given time he can hit those receivers. It was a tough, bitter loss for Bronco fans who long for those victories, week after week. It looked like we would win easily last Sunday, at least for the first quarter of the game. Those John Elway years were memorable.

Gerri, and I, trecked down to the grand reopening of the Westin Denver Downtown Hotel and Resort that has been remodeled. Fond memories of The Palm restaurant located on the main floor of the hotel. I remember seeing Barry Hirschfield’s caricature on the wall with many well-known Denver political figures and celebrities. The Palm is now history and Marriott has spent millions remodeling the 500-room hotel that is modern and upbeat with a very friendly, well-trained staff. The hotel is part of the Marriott chain that operates the Gaylord Resort and The Brown Palace venues and a vast worldwide network of luxury hotels.
I also have fond memories of Colorado Press Conventions held at the hotel. Lastly, the American Ireland Fund had several banquets honoring outstanding Irish figures such as Pat Bowlen. The Irish events were largely organized by Pat Broe of Irish descent, who has gained prominence in the Metro real estate world and his love and ownership of railroads. Pat offices in Cherry Creek where he is expanding his real estate footprint. Maybe it is time for the Irish to rise again at the newly remodeled Westin Hotel. The fund helped bring peace and prosperity to Ireland. The divided Irish nation has become successful and somewhat peaceful. The fund aided arts and educational programs, including co-education programs for both Protestant and Catholic children to attend school together.

I made a special visit to the Englewood Letterpress Depot Museum operated by veteran printer Tom Parson. He has taken the old Santa Fe railroad depot along the train tracks on Downing St. and turned the ancient building into a cool letterpress museum. He has gathered a vast array of ancient printing machines that for decades printed newspapers, signs, handbills, and business cards. He has all this regalia stored in the lower level of the building and is in the process of remodeling the upstairs offices. His museum is a 501-C-3 and donations can be sent to his address at Englewood Depot, P.O. Box 799, Englewood, Co. 80151. Visit the Depot and see how the printed word was put on paper for centuries.