BARBWIRE BOB – 8-31-23


This past Saturday evening we attended a “Strawberry’” yard party at a good friend’s home.  The strawberries were yummy and the friendships even better.  The weather turned out perfect, and the potluck dishes were delicious.  

Arriving home at 9:30, I rushed to the TV to see the football score; hoping, and praying, that our beloved Broncos won here at home.  To my great surprise, and pleasure, the players were already celebrating on the field and the score showed a whopping Bronco victory 41-0; defeating the Ram team that embarrassed the Broncos last December.

This was a great season kickoff victory but sad to hear that pass receiver and Bronco stalwart Jeudy has a serious leg injury and is out for the season.  His career may be over;  he is a great loss for this year’s team.  However, we have some rising stars on the roster.  It looks like a good season ahead.  HURRAH!


Mayor Mike Coffman has pulled back from his efforts to strengthen his duties as mayor of Aurora.  I’ve known Mike for 40 years and have watched him climb up the public service ladder as a legislator,  state treasurer, U.S. Congressman, and now mayor.  I know that Mike is a “cleric,” to me someone who does his homework and is fiscally talented.  Remember it was Mike, as state treasurer,  who bailed out the St. Vrain School District when they were broke.

His duties as mayor are limited.  He is a public relations figure for Aurora.  He wants to lead that city out of fiscal and political chaos. Aurora needs a strong mayor who can make decisions, hire, and fire staff and department heads, along with leading the city council.  Council members did not want to shorten their term in office as the proposal indicated.  Why would they want to give up any of their elective duties? (Answer; they didn’t.)

Mike needs to be praised for wanting to do more work and share more of the city burdens, but alas the city will hire another stranger from a faraway location to run Mike’s hometown as the new city manager. 

Coffman could have done the job and he deserves a pat on the back for offering his experience in business and finance.  He is the mayor and deserves a second term. He presides over a divided council and at present a vacant city manager position.  Not good for the third largest city in Colorado.  Great concept, bad execution for changes that are badly needed.  At least re-elect him as mayor.


School board election time and candidates are announcing for local school boards in the Littleton and Cherry Creek School Districts.

The Villager will have candidate profiles starting now  prior to the  Nov.7 election. Time to pay attention to these candidates and local school issues.


Littleton is presenting the first annual “Restaurant Week” running from Sept. 8-17,  supported by the Littleton Chamber of Commerce. If you haven’t been to downtown Littleton lately, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  The city has become more unique, the old-time street atmosphere is appealing, and the  sidewalks are crowded with shoppers, and diners. A safe place to go for an evening of entertainment and fine food and beverages.  Meet the actual owners of the restaurants who are masters of their crafts.   See the list of restaurants in this week’s Villager and make a point to dine in Littleton, Arapahoe Counties oldest and revered community.   


Traveled out to Douglas County last Saturday to Douglas Co. Republican Woman’s Club picnic at the Wien’s Ranch located deep in the mountains South of Sedalia.  Tom and Debra Wiens have a cattle ranch where they raise and sell natural beef products.  Several hundred GOPs enjoyed having lunch in the hay shed,  bidding on desserts, eating  some good Wien’s beef, and enjoying meeting some of the Douglas County candidates for school board. You can order some of his grass-fed premium beef at  Phone orders: 303-681-3831.

While enjoying my hamburger who should come along to sit at the table but Congressman Ken Buck and Will, his three-year old grandson.  Buck represents most of Eastern Colorado and was recently re-elected to another term of office.  He is one of the leading conservatives in the U.S. Congress.

He and his grandson were having a great time and it was inspiring to see Ken as a grandfather, not just a very conservative politician attempting to slow the massive federal debt spending levels.

Wiens served as a state senator until term limited out of office. I’ve known him for 40 years and the couple once resided in Greenwood Village.  Tom has a divinity degree from Yale University, among other honors and achievements.  He would make a great candidate for higher office.  He’s got the cowboy hat and the worn cowboy boots.  Maybe a governor candidate someday after Gov. Polis.  


I just learned that the name of Mt. Evans has not been changed. It is my understanding that the Indians from the Montana tribe didn’t like the “Blue Sky” moniker of majestic Mt. Evans.  Maybe
Gov. Evans name can survive the rewrite of history. After all, he wasn’t even in Colorado when the Sand Creek incident occurred, and they didn’t have telephones or iPhones at the time.  Evans was the  founder of Denver University and Northwestern, that should count for something. It would seem feasible that DU should defend their leader and reconsider their decisions on name changes.


Congressman Jason Crow visited Cherry Hills Village last week and stalwart wizard reporter Freda Miklin, representing The Villager, was there to meet and greet him.  Crow is hard-working and is among the more prominent House Democrats.  One of the most influential Democrats in the Congress is Diana DeGette with long- running seniority, representing Denver and until recently Cherry Hills Village.   Colorado Democrats and Republicans get a star on their report cards for saving the new Space Force located in Colorado Springs.   This is a big win for Colorado!


Arapahoe GOP will host their summer family picnic on Sunday, Sept. 17, 5:30 until 8:00 p.m. at Centennial Center Park, 13050 E. Peakview Ave.   ( Playground for kids. ) Adult tickets are $25 until Sept. 10, then a $5 price increase.  Kids $12. BBQ catered by GQUE.   Registration now open.  Questions: Call Lynne: 303-550-5115 /