The nation is in turmoil and the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas adds more flames to the burning issues that swirl around gun control, Roe vs. Wade abortion,  crime on the streets,  defund the police efforts, the worst inflation in decades, and thousands of  immigrants pouring across the southern border of the United States unchecked.

The latest killing of innocent children in Uvalde is sickening.  Where was the security guard?  Why was the door entrance propped open?  Why did it take over 77 minutes to enter the school and take out the shooter after he had massacred 19 children and two teachers?   Many unanswered questions beyond gun control. 

There were reports that the shooter was notified by the school that he would not graduate, perhaps that was a motivating factor for revenge.

I’m for universal firearm background checks and a cooling off period.  It’s also important to note that a gun without ammunition is at best, only a club.  No one  talks about ammunition sales, but it was reported this week that he fired over 100 rounds had 300 rounds on him, and had 1600 rounds in his possession. What would a deranged 18-year old do with that many bullets.  How-
ever, an AR-15 is capable of firing 100 rounds in a few seconds, depending on the magazine capacity.

If any legislation can be achieved it might be in universal firearm reforms,  but here in Colorado we already  have CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) checks for firearm purchases, and this probably varies among  many states. 

A Meet The Press program Sunday morning had discussions about rural residents being far more comfortable with firearms than urban dwellers.  Hunting, and having a rifle on a ranch or rural home for predator control is standard operating  procedure.  Having an assault rifle in downtown Denver is another matter.  It is also true that there are more guns than people in the United States.  

Colorado leads the nation in car thefts and bank robberies.  Our own capital and supreme court buildings were damaged by rioters, along with many downtown buildings in 2019. It was far worse in many blue cities across America.  Citizens have become frightened, arming themselves at a rapid rate with good reason.  Crime, robberies, murders, violence and weakened border security has driven Americans to seek security in owning firearms and a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Citizens owning firearms was vividly driven home to me when I saw the Ukrainian government handing out guns for civilians to protect themselves and to fight the Russian invaders.  They have been begging the United States for more firearms and  ammunition. 

Americans have always been a challenging mixture of religions, ethic races, and wealth disparities.  The common thread is our constitution and guaranteed freedoms with a capitalistic  system in a remarkable virgin land rewarding hard work and individual initiative.  It perhaps hasn’t always been the “fair” enterprise system, but it has been free enterprise that has made us the envy of the world and immigrants from every corner of the globe wishing to come to America, even with our violent gun reputation.

All of the violence is likely to get worse as the election frenzy rises in the next few months.  Colorado’s primary election ballots will be arriving in the mail in early June.

Whatever your beliefs, cast a ballot for those candidates who will solve challenges, rather than create them.  

We need answers and solutions to these pressing problems.  Let’s vote to save America while we are still  free and independent people.

Apathy can be the destruction of our nation.