It’s been a busy several weeks, have been back on the roundup circle attending many events. The Cancer League Hope Ball was outstanding with a very generous audience, excellent food, and great silent and live auction items. Glad to have the event back at the Hyatt Regency in the Denver Tech Center. The Moreland family donated another Dodge car won by an excited Hyatt hotel employee.


Arapahoe County held their annual Lincoln Day dinner at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel on Orchard Road in Greenwood Village May 3rd, with a sold-out crowd of over 280 attendees. It was good to see old friends. Lynne Cottrell and Caroline Cornell were event co-chairs. Freda Poundstone’s old ally Karen Blilie, along with veteran volunteer Evie Ashmore, conducted the spectacular auctions. Always dependable Andi Allott was at the registration table. Kathleen Chandler, candidate for the RTD board, handling the “Heads or Tails” event that Jake Jabs and Edie Marks usually seem to win. Jabs donates a $500 gift certificate from American Furniture each year. Edie was in the top ten once again but washed out in the final round. Venerable musician Bo Cottrell was a finalist, once a headliner with the “Lawmen” at the famous Taylor Supper Club. Lynne and Bo are pillars of the community and have raised millions of dollars for TAPS that supports families of deceased military veterans who didn’t return from active duty serving their country. 

While there is a rush for voters to become “Independent” on voter registration rolls, the hard work of running elections and finding candidates falls heavily on Democrat and Republican party members. This major two-party system has prevailed in America for several centuries where once we had “Whigs” and “Tories.” It seems that there has always been abundant discourse in America and the competition between the two parties seeks to generate new eager leadership. Remember that friendships should swirl around character and not political affiliation. There all good people in both parties.

 At Saturday night’s dinner many candidates were introduced and given a few minutes to speak. It is always good to hear the aspiring intent to serve the people and save the country.  Sometimes it happens when superstars arise who do make a difference. The bottom line, if we didn’t have political parties, who would run our government? Being a political volunteer is a hard, thankless job, but patriots on both sides of the aisle aspire to make life better for Americans and for better or worse, push agendas in which they believe. It seems that there is considerable dissent currently on many issues and we have many dividing challenges.  

The final speaker at the dinner, following a chicken dinner and a bevy of successful fund-raising events was Isabel Brown, a young lady in her 20s touting Generation Z youths. She is the author of her newly released book entitled, “The end of the alphabet.” Her 30-minute speech drew a standing ovation as she proclaimed that Generation Z youth between the ages of 17 and 30 will save America.  She related that these younger Americans are the most conservative citizens in decades.  She has done her research on American history and decried the myth that America was founded by old white men. The fact is, they were young men in their early 20s and 30s. Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Constitution, was only 33.

Most of the artwork of the era has the men wearing white wigs, appearing to be older, but in fact they were aspiring young men given God’s guidance and wisdom to write the Constitution and design and form the greatest country in the history of civilization that has lasted since 1776. Can the Republic stand forever into the future or follow history in decline and fall as the greatest Republic of all time?

Isabel is a graduate of Colorado State University, a Colorado native, and now resides in Florida where she does her writing and media work. She signed and sold many of her books at the dinner.

Rick Sokol, the 2023 Arapahoe County Chair gave a stirring Passover prayer to commence the evening, having just returned from seeing his daughter in Israel. GOP 2024 Chair, Anne Rowland, welcomed party members and led the singing of the National Anthem.  She is a very able and talented chair and is breathing some new life into the Grand Old Party of The Republic.

I hope that Generation Z is successful in saving America if they can only get through the demonstrating mobs to get to their classrooms or jobs.

A good time was had by all, but the seats grow harder as time passes.