The war rages on in Ukraine with no end in sight.  Missiles have been launched from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea. Modern technology can track that missile path and with some American ingenuity a Ukrainian missile could sink that submarine.  It is quite possible that the Ukrainian forces could do some counterattacks on Russian soil and seas.  The raw aggression by Russian forces needs to be punished, without boots on the ground, but maybe friendly missiles in the air space.  


The Cancer League of Colorado Hope Ball is Saturday night.

Always a sellout, the very devoted leadership and membership continue to raise money for cancer research and care.  An all-volunteer effort has raised millions of dollars for local doctors and program to find a cure for this dreaded disease that has impacted almost every living family of all races and genders.

It would seem that if we put emphasis on cancer research that the Covid pandemic has created, maybe a cure could be achieved sooner.  Modern science is closing the gap on many of the older dreaded diseases, and then suddenly we have a new outbreak of a new worldwide disease killing millions of the world population.  

We need to trust in science and the medical community to continue the research, care and compassion for all illnesses and the search to find a cure for cancer.  Hundreds of patrons will attend the event in support of finding a cure and aiding the afflicted families and scientists on the front line of cancer research and care.  

Gerri and I will see many volunteers, donors and friends at the event. 


Historic Marina Square, located on the Denver side of Belleview, is about to encounter the wrecking ball with a new planned high-rise development coming this summer with the demolishing of the aging massive facility, home to so many business firms and restaurants  for many decades.  Tenants are rushing to find new locations. Zane’s restaurant is moving to Hampden and Yosemite where the Novak group have purchased the old Marie Calendars now Citron Bistro location. Zane’s will be opening in early July at the new location.  A new sign  is welcoming Zane, Ed, and the staff to the larger facility, a short drive from the Belleview location.  Tom and George, Citron owners,  are retiring after decades of  serving delicious food and developing lasting friendships.   The happy hours will commence in July. 


I’ve been watching the Rockies and I  think that our team may reach the playoffs this season.  The batting order is stronger, and the pitching has improved.  Same good fortune in store for the Broncos with Russell Wilson adding leadership as quarterback. The team needs to stay away from politics and just play football.  

New ownership will make big news as a billionaire will add the Broncos to their portfolio of investments.  Maybe Manning and Elway will play a role in the new ownership, but the price for the team is out of sight, and somewhat risky for even our two super star players.

The Bowlen family were  proud and successful owners for decades along with being great community members.  They will be proudly remembered as the team moves forward into NFL history books. 


Spent Saturday morning listening to the live telecast of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger and their two disciples, heir apparent Greg Abel, and insurance guru, Ajit Jain, participate in  a panel discussion at the annual Omaha stockholder’s meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  

Warren is 91 and Charlie is 98. Warren gave his annual statements with Charlie munching on See’s candy.   Didn’t see any coke bottles adorning the platform that has been a past staple.  

It is obvious that Warren never took any toastmaster speaking courses and had plenty of “ahs”” in his dialogue of the stock market. None the less,                  he is the “Oracle of Omaha” and his advice has become legendary. He explained Berkshire’s hefty investments into oil recently, being huge $10 billion investors of Occidental Petroleum and buying a $25,9 billion position in Chevron Oil Company.  Buffett explained that they are long-term investors looking into the future.  Apparently he, and Charlie,  have high hopes for fossil fuels in the future.   He describes the current stock market as a giant casino.

In other observations, Charlie bashed Robinhood, the start-up stock market competition that has fallen on hard times, losing about half of their wealth down to $10 a share from much higher levels.  Charlie also expressed his disfavor of cryptocurrencies. Munger referred to bitcoins as “noxious poison.”

Warren urged younger  people to do what they are good at.  Stating, “Do what you’re good at and like to do:”  He related that having a skill was a key to success and value to society.

I attended one of their meetings in Omaha a decade ago and the “Right to Life” folks were picketing the event.  Buffett is known as a liberal and actually has given billions to his son and daughter’s foundations,  stepping out of his foundation role.  His son, Howard, was given a billion dollars by his father and is active in Nebraska philanthropy.

When Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton was flying high in his jet plane, operating his 160 newspapers, he and I, were inducted into the Nebraska Navy by the governor and made “Honorary Nebraska Admirals” in a Nebraska Press Association ceremony in Lincoln.  Dean was president of the NAA (Newspaper Association of America, daily newspaper association,  and I,  president of  the NNA, weekly National Newspaper Association. Dean flew us in his private jet plane to the induction ceremony, followed by attending a “Big Red” football game.  A naval submarine is named after the state of Nebraska, which explains the navy tradition.  Nebraska plays a pivotal role in Washington in agriculture, world trade, and political leadership.  U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska  became Secretary of Defense in 2013.

I have many newspaper friends in Nebraska and have had numerous world study missions with large delegations of Nebraska newspaper publishers to China, Cuba, Taiwan and Vietnam.   Recently Gerri and I attended a funeral for a newspaper colleague, Ken Rhoades of the Blair Enterprise, a fifth-generation, family-owned newspaper, 30 miles north of Omaha. 

Buffet entered the newspaper world a decade ago, purchasing the Omaha World Herald and many other newspapers, but has  exited the print world finding oil much more profitable.

He is a very wise man.