Mother’s Day is May14, a day to honor the females who populate the earth on which we live.  Without mothers the world would end and humanity as we know it would cease.

But, for now, Mother’s Day is a very important event to honor our mothers, living, or deceased.  My mother June was an exceptional  pioneering schoolteacher, ranch cook, and ultimately the elected Moffat County School Superintendent for 12 years until she retired.

The first lesson I learned from my mother was how to tie my shoes.

She was my home schoolteacher, along with my brother and cousin in a bunkhouse school 28 miles from the nearest town.  Prior to teaching us, she graduated from Teacher’s College in Greeley and was the schoolteacher in Maybell teaching all classes through the 12th grade.  Following her marriage in 1926 to my ranching father she road horseback to teach school 10 miles away at Saddle Mountain for some rural families.  Further, she  rode a horse  seven miles to teach at the Lay school. My father relates saddling up a fast walking horse that would carry my mother daily, to and from, the very school  that was located between Craig and Maybell on U.S highway 40; once having a small military post and a U.S. post office. We received our mail delivered by car, twice a week, seven miles from Lay to the ranch  come rain, or  shine.  I can remember Stella Craig driving her Buick through deep mud to deliver mail.  It was a happy day when the mail arrived and I could read the local newspaper, The Craig Empire Courier.  I loved reading the used car ads and dreamed of someday owning my own car.

My mother is described in a book,  “Pioneer Women of the West” authored by Julie Jones. She was a great teacher in class and by example.  Mother  could be tough, yet gentle. Her students adored her, and she was very creative.  Along with teaching in rural schools in her early years,  she taught the 3rd grade in Craig for 35 years.

One of her greatest accomplishments, in her 83 years on this earth, was teaching our four children, Saundra, Sharon, Susan and Patrick.  They all went through school in Craig and attended after- school sessions at grandmother and grandfather’s house.  They all hail her lessons as a great part of their success in school and later life.

All three of my daughters won contest trips from the Odd Fellows Lodge to the United Nations Assembly in New York City.  

While my father taught me how to work, my mother taught me basic education.  I can max the iPhone quizzes on nursery rhymes. I remember how to color Easter Eggs and mixing flour with water to make glue.  I could write long hand and read by the time I was six-years old.  

She was a great grandmother for my children who will honor their mother, my wife Gerri, the publisher of The Villager, who has spent her life making me look good.  She is the glue that holds the family together.

My daughters and granddaughter Michelle, have taken Gerri to Vail where they enjoy each other’s company for weekend.  I hear there are plans for another upcoming event.

This is a reminder to all to be aware of this special day and to see that your mother is duly honored on her day.  My wife Gerri, as a mother, earns my respect for all that she does every day, and is an inspiration to our family.

Women are reaching a pinnacle of success that is well deserved and hard earned. 

Mother’s Day is special and so are all women.